Prof. Anhui Liang
Prof. Anhui Liang
Guangdong University of Technologies, China
Title: New Color Golden Ratio Points, Optical Couplers, Bio-transistors,Modulation Formats and Clock Recovery Cells on Human Retina and Natural Chromosomesas Optical Fiber Components

Anhui Liang1 and Zhimin Liang 2

1. Guangdong University of Technologies, China


We first found more than ten color golden ratios (GR) in human vision, e.g., the second highest hue resolution wavelength627 nm is the first order GR in the visible light region (VLR,380-780nm), the absorption peak wavelength 533 nmof M-coneis the second order GR in VLR, the absorptionpeak of light sensitive ganglion cell is the third order GR in VLR,the absorption peak wavelength 437 nmof S-cone is the forth order GR in VLR, the absorption peakwavelength564 nm of L-cone is near to the sixth order GR in VL.We first discovered there are optical couplers, biological transistors andclock recovery cells on retina. We found the electrical circuits on retina are very similar to the photo receiver circuits of transponders used in optical fiber communication systems. We first proposed the modulation formats for small signals on human eye: PAM4 and PAM8 in cones in single eye, and QAM 16 and QAM 64 in cones indouble eyes. These modulation formats on human retina are similar to those used in 100, 400 Gb/s and higher speed optical fiber communications. We first propose a new explanation on why the frequency of ganglion cells increase with the received optical power:when the received input power increase, the modulation formats change to higher order PAM and QAM to increase the speed and reduce power consumption, therefore the frequency also increase . We first proposed amacrine cells and interplexiform cells are in charge of the clock recovery on human retina.We try to explain what is consciousness, and propose consciousness are data with multiple layers of coding. We propose there maybe a lot of biological transistors well in human and animal brains, and brains maywork as electrical computers. Brainsmay works as classical computer at daily time (without sleep). If a brain can work like a quantum computer, it should be at sleep time (especially at dream time) to be a quantum computer.We unified the tricolor theory and opponent color theory by using optical fiber coupler theory.

We proposed the diploid of chromosome forms an optical fiber coupler, some chromosomes may act as fiber lasers.

The authors acknowledge the financial support from National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 81470661, and 61331010), Science and Technology Program of Guangdong Province (2016B010126005).