• Prof. Markus W. Sigrist
  • Prof. Markus W. Sigrist
  • Institute for Quantum Electronics, Switzerland
  • Biography: Markus W. Sigrist was born in Illnau (Switzerland) in 1948. He obtained his Master of Physics and PhD degree from ETH Zürich in 1972 and 1977, respectively. His PhD was devoted to laser-generated stress waves in liquids (thesis advisor Prof. Dr. F.K. Kneubühl). From 1978 to 1980 he was a postdoctoral fellow at the University of California in Berkeley (Profs. Y.-R. Shen and Y.T. Lee) working on dye-laser spectroscopy on molecular beams. After his return to ETH Zurich he worked as scientific coworker on lasergenerated acoustic waves in solids, liquids and gases and received the docent degree (Privatdozent) in 1985 based on his habilitation. In 1996 he became Professor (Titularprofessor) for Experimental Physics at ETH Zurich until his retirement in October 2013. He was a guest professor at Rice University in Houston, Texas (USA) in 1990 and an Adjunct Professor at Rice from 1994 until 2013. In 2003 and 2011 he was an invited professor at the Université du Littoral in Dunkerque (France). Since 1998 Markus Sigrist heads the „Laser Spectroscopy and Sensing Laboratory“ at the Institute for Quantum Electronics at ETH. From this time on his research concentrated on laser-based infrared spectroscopy on liquids and gases. This includes the development and implementation of broadly tunable mid-infrared laser sources (difference frequency generation, quantum cascade lasers, diode-pumped lead-salt VECSELs)) and detection schemes like photoacoustics, multipass absorption and cavity ringdown. Funded by national and international institutions and agencies as well as private funding agencies and industry his research focused on sensing applications ranging from trace gas detection in ambient air, industrial process and agricultural monitoring (also with mobile systems) to forensic and medical sensing such as drug detection in saliva or surgical smoke analysis, breath analysis and non-invasive glucose sensing directly through the human skin. Markus Sigrist is a fellow of the Optical Society of America (OSA) since 1999 and is OSA Traveling lecturer. He authored or co-authored over 160 publications in refereed journals as well as several book chapters and books. He gave more than 90 invited talks at international conferences including 6 plenary and 11 tutorial talks.
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