• Prof. Li-bo Yuan
  • Prof. Li-bo Yuan
  • Harbin Engineering University, China
  • Biography: He was born in 1962, in Heilongjiang Province, China. He is with the Department of Physics, School of Science, Harbin Engineering University (HEU), as a professor and director of Key Lab of In-Fiber Integrated Optics (HEU), Ministry of Education. He has received his Ph.D. (Photonics, 2003), M. Eng. (Communication & Electronic Systems, 1990) and B.S. (Physics, 1984), from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Harbin Shipbuilding Engineering Institute and Heilongjiang University, respectively. From 1984 to 1995, he worked in the Department of Physics, Harbin Shipbuilding Engineering Institute (HSEI), where he worked on fiber optics. In the period of 1995 ~1997, as a Research Fellow, he worked in Smart Sensors and NDT Laboratory, New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA, where, he developed white light fiber optic interferometers and demonstrated several multiplexing ways for fiber optic interferometric sensing system. In April 1997, he joined the Harbin Engineering University, appointment as a Professor of Physics, he spent 10 years there and established a fiber optic sensor laboratory and developed it to become a key laboratory of Heilongjiang Province in 2006, and further expended it to become a Key Lab of In-Fiber Integrated Optics, Ministry of Education, in 2011. His general area of research is in-fiber integrated optics and fiber-optic sensors and its applications. He has led 28 projects as principle investigator, including 973, 863 programs and a project of major program of national natural science foundation of China. As chief supervisor, he has been supervising many research students, with 22 of them obtained their Ph.D. degree successfully and 41 received M. Eng. degree in Photonics. He has authored and co-authored over 300 technical articles mainly in the area of fiber optics and fiber optic sensors, including over 200 Journal papers and over 100 conference papers. He holds over 60 patents related with fiber optic technology and published 3 books and 3 book chapters.
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