• Prof. Zhechuan Feng
  • Prof. Zhechuan Feng
  • National Taiwan University, USA
  • Biography: Prof. Zhe Chuan FENG, received the BS (1968) and M.S. (1981) from Peking University, and Ph. D in University of Pittsburgh, 1987. He had worked at Emory University (1988-92), National University of Singapore (92-94), Georgia Tech (95, 2002-03), EMCORE Corporation (95-97), Institute of Materials Research & Engineering, Singapore (98-2001), and Axcel Photonics (2001-02), in all places with fruitful results and achievements. Since August 2003, Feng has joined National Taiwan University as a professor at Institute of Photonics & Optoelectronics, and Department of Electrical Engineering, currently focusing on MOCVD growth and investigation of wide gap semiconductors of III-Nitrides, ZnO and SiC, as well as III-V, II-VI, oxides and related nano-materials/devices. He has published 7-review books on advanced compound semiconductors and microstructures, porous Si, SiC and III-Nitride materials/devices/Nano-Engineering, with 2-more on ZnO to be published in late 2011. Feng has published ~480 scientific/technical papers with >180 selected by Science Citation Index and cited >2100 times. Feng has given many invited presentations in a large number of international conferences and universities/institutes in the world range, including north America, Europe and Asia. He has been visiting/Guest professors at Nankai University, Tianjin Normal University, and Huazhong University of Science & Technology. He is currently a member of International Organizing Committee of Asian Conferences on Chemical Vapor Deposition, and Board of Directors, Taiwan Association for Coating and Thin Film Technology (TACT).
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