• Prof. Nanguang Chen
  • Prof. Nanguang Chen
  • National University of Singapore, Singapore
  • Title: Recent Advances in Focal Modulation Microscopy
  • Abstract: Focal Modulation microscopy (FMM) is an emerging technique for molecular imaging in deep tissues. FMM combines spatial filtering and focal modulation to drasticallyreduce the scattering background and improve in the signal-to-background ratio. As a result, a penetration depth greater than 600 μm in biological tissue can be achieved. Recently we have been working on further improving FMM in terms ofimage acquisitionspeed and contrast mechanism. We have developed line scan focal modulated microscopy, a proprietary technique highly suitable for zebrafish and mouse brain imaging. It features parallel illumination and parallel detection, leading to much improved imaging speed. A prototype line scan FMM has been built and we have demonstrated an imaging speed of 100 frames per second with image quality comparable to confocal microscopy.
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