• Prof. Khaled Habib
  • Prof. Khaled Habib
  • Materials Science and Photo-Electronics Lab., IRE Program, EBR Center, Kuwait
  • Title: Opto-Electrochemical Sensors
  • Abstract: Opto-electrochemistry is the state of the art and technology of not only imaging surfaces of a condensed matter, i.e., solid metal, submerged in aqueous solutions, but also, the science of measuring electrochemical properties of the condensed matter by solely light. In the present work, two sensors of laser optical interferometry will be used to detect crevice (shield) corrosion of low carbon steel samples in aqueous solutions. The first technique will use an optical corrosion-meter to detect localized shield corrosion known as a crevice corrosion, of the low carbon steel samples in seawater. The concept of the optical corrosion-meter is based on incorporating holographic interferometry and the cyclic polarization test. The second sensor will use a modified electrochemical noise technique based on holographic interferometry to detect the crevice corrosion of the low carbon steel samples in 1 M of sodium hydroxide (NaOH) solution.
  • Biography:

    Dr. Khaled Habib holds a PhD in Chem. and Mats. Engr. from the Optical Science and Technological Center of University of Iowa, Iowa, USA, 1988. He was a Post-doctoral Fellow at the Chem. Engr. Dept., and Mat. Sci. Dept., of the Technical University of Aachen, Aachen, Germany, 1991-1992. He specializes in “Laser optical interferometry as non-destructive testing (NDT) methods of materials evaluation in corrosive media”. Mr. Habib has in his credit more than 118 articles in international refereed journals in his area of specialization. He is a fellow of the SPIE (http://spie.org/x38.xml). Also, he is a member fellow of the international Corrosion Council (ICC), (http://www.icc-net.org/ICCmembers_Kuwait.html). In addition, he is a Member of the editorial board of five Journals; the journal of Corrosion Science and Technology(j-cst.org/sub/committee.asp), the Journal of Environmental Science and Engineering A&B (http://www.davidpublishing.com/journals_info.asp?jId=1025),the American Journal of Applied Chemistry

    (http://www.sciencepublishinggroup.com/journal/peerreviewers.aspx?journalid=227), the journal of Science Research

    (http://www.sciencepublishinggroup.com/journal/editorialboard.aspx? journalid=181), the journal of Advances in Petroleum Exploration and Development

    (http://cscanada.net /index.php/aped/about/editorialTeam).

    He has been a reviewer for a number of journals; Optics and Lasers in Engineering, Applied Optics, Optical Engineering, Optics and Lasers Technology, the Optical Expression, IEEE Transaction Instruments and Measurements, the ASTM journal of Testing and Evaluation, Electrochemical Society, Corrosion Science, Composite Science and Technology, Composite B, Surface and Coatings Technology, ElectrochemicaActa, Electrochemical and Solid-State Letters, Serbian Chemical Society, Saudi Chemical Society, Engineering and Technology , and Energy Sources.

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