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Proceeding Information

Laser Technology and Applications
A Novel Hybrid Micromirror for Large Apertures Laser Application
Jie Li and Xiqu Chen
Study of THz Oscillations in GaN-Based Planar Nanodevices
K. Y. Xu, A. M. Song, Z. M. Chen, Z. Y. Zheng and G. Wang
Calculated Simulation of Modes for Active Cavity
Chen Feng, Guoying Feng, Wei Li, Nianchun Sun, Zhengyu Zhang and Shouhuan Zhou
Thermal Effects in kW Nd:YAG Thin Disk Laser
Huomu Yang, Kai Zhang, Zhen Cai, Guoying Feng, Yongtao Wei and Shouhuan Zhou
A New Method Based on Conservation Momentum to Calculate the Trapping Force Using FDTD Algorithm
Hao Yang, Guoying Feng, Shouhuan Zhou and Hongyuan Ding
Application of Wavelet Digital Filter in the Radial Shearing Interferometry
Yongzhao Du, Chun Tang, Guoying Feng, Hongru Li, Guoliang Deng and Shouhuan Zhou
Analysis of the Supermode of Multicore Photonic Crystal Fibers Based on the Finite Element Method
Yuanyuan Jiang, Yongtao Wei and Guoying Feng
Cooled Mini-Dil Pump at 980nm
Janet Shen, Bob Chen, Ben Gong and Nadhum Zayer
Analysis of a 140GHz Two-Section Folded Waveguide Traveling-Wave Tube
J. He, Y. Y. Wei, Y. B. Gong, W. X. Wang, G. Guo, M. L. Liao and G. S. Park
Design of Quantum Cascade Laser Driver in Infrared Detection System
Wei-Lin Ye, Chuan-Tao Zheng, Xin Yu, Zhan-Wei Song and Yi-Ding Wang
Modeling of Er?+-Ce?+-Doped Telluride Fiber Amplifier
Zhihong Chen, Kenan Zhou and Chun Jiang
Effects of Chirp Match and Synchronization Jitter on Gain in Optical Parametric Chirped Pulse Amplification
Xianhua Li, Shuguang Zeng, Bin Zhang and Zhan Sui
Unsteady Simulation of HYLTE Nozzle Flowfields with Supersonic Angled Injection
Yan Shao, Jin Zhou, Haiyan Wu, Lin Lai and Jing Lei
Single-Shot Measurement of the Full Spatiotemporal Field of a Terahertz Pulse
Lujie Li, Xiaolei Wang and Hongchen Zhai
Analysis of Random Lasers Threshold in ZnO Nanoparticle Based Cavity
P. Rafiee, V. Ahmadi, M. Hayati, M. H. Bitarafan and H. Zartabi
One-Step Solution Synthesis of Ag-Cu Nanoalloys
Lingling Wang, Hongyong Xie, Zhen Tian, Luping Zhu, Naici Bing and Lijun Wang
Theoretical Analysis on Range Accuracy of Laser Fuze
Zhaoyang Zeng and Jia Xin
A Novel Intra-Cavity Adaptive Optical System for High Power Solid-State Lasers
Jie Li and Xiqu Chen
Modulation Instability in Silicon Optical Waveguide Considering Linear Loss and Two-Photonic Absorption
Weilin Zhou, Jing He, Qingfeng Li, Xiancheng Zhou and Weilin Zhou
Study on Optical Synthetic Aperture Imaging System with Seven Sub-Apertures
Jing Guo, Chun-ping Yang, Mei-ling Kang, Yan Zhang, Jian Wu and Yu-tang Ye
Thermal Influencing Distribution of Sheet Metal during the Process of Laser Forming
Peng Zhang and Guan-nan Chu
Optical Bandwidth Optimization in a Transistor Laser by Quantum Well Location Effect
Iman Taghavi and Hassan Kaatuzian
Power Distribution among Modes in a Double-Clad Fiber Laser with a Multimode Fiber
Yuqing Fu, Jianguo Chen, Guoying Feng, Shouhuan Zhou and Xiaojun Tang
Laser Protection Materials against Optical Intensity and Protection Mechanism
Yan-qiu Du
Fiber Optical Tweezers for the Operation of Particles
Hao Zhou, Guoying Feng, Hao Yang, Guoliang Deng and Hongyuan Ding
The Study on Supercontinuum Generation of Femtosecond Pulse Propagating in Condensed Media
Liling Yang, Shouhuan Zhou, Guoying Feng and Kui Liu
A Q-Switched 980 nm Yb-Doped Single-Mode Fiber Amplifier and Its Frequency Doubling
Pingxue Li, Xuexia Zhang, Shuzhen Zou, Zhenao Bai and Gang Li
Design of PFM, PWM and PPM LD Driver Circle for Dual Beam Laser Fuze
Chuan-zeng Li, Shu-shan Wang, Lei Han and Li Xu
Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectrometer Coal Mine Methane Detection System Based on DSP
Renbao Wang and Hongyan Feng
The Effect of the Laser Interference Lithography Patterns When Substrate Tilted
Xiaoxia Zhao, Hongying Wang, Yongjun Xie and Wenhui Fan
Issues of a Laser Beam: Depolarization, Beam Quality Degradation and It's Transmission System
Yage Zhan, Zhaoqun Du, Yiping Qiu and Jinqiu Lei
Study on Laser-Induced Optical Dielectric Film Material Damage by Short-Laser Pulse
Yao-fu Heng and Miao Ye
A Novel Wavelength Tuning Method in External Cavity Diode Laser with All-Dielectric Thin Film Fabry-Perot Filter
Xiao Xiao and Fengqi Yu
Study on Laser-TIG Dissimilar Welds of Cemented Carbide and Invar Alloys Welded with CO2 Laser
P. Q. Xu, Z. S. Yu, H. Y. Gong, J. P. He, F. G. Lu, H. C. Cui and X. H. Tang
Study of Double-Wavelength Airborne Lidar System Based on Ocean Red Tide Monitoring
Lin Hong and Liang Kun
A Novel Dual-Wavelength Fiber Laser Based on Photosensitive and Polarization Maintaining Erbium-Doped Fiber
Zhiming Liu and Jian Li
Research on Tribological Performance of QT600 with Laser Surface Texturing
Yansheng Yao, Genfu Yuan, Yuping Ma, Huaqi Liang, Xuehui Chen, Manping Huang, Zhaosong Wang and Decai Qian
The Overview of Laser Drilling Technology
Ben-sheng Huang, Zhong-ying Jiang and Qing-you Liu
Cavitation Bubble Dynamics in Liquids of Different Viscosity
Xiu-Mei Liu, Xin-Hua Liu, Jie He, You-Fu Hou, Jian Lu and Xiao-Wu Ni
Research on Optical Activity of Amino Acids with Terahertz Time-Domain Spectroscopy
Binghua Cao and Mengbao Fan
Theoretical Investigation on the 2.7?m Laser Pumped ZnGeP2 Optical Parametric Oscillator Generating Mid-Infrared Laser
Hai-lin Jiang, Jin-tian Bian, Jin-song Nie and Xiao-quan Sun
Research on Active Laser Guidance for Deflectable Nose Bullet
Yunbo Shi, Zhang Bin, Jun Liu, Xiaobo Lin and Na Zhang
Scratch Types and Damage Thresholds of Fused Silica
Yong Jiang, Xiaodong Yuan, Xia Xiang, Haijun Wang, Shizhen Xu, Meng Chen, Xibin Li, Wanguo Zheng and Xiaotao Zu
320MHz Mode-Locking Pulse Yb-Doped Fiber Amplifier
Yan Liu, Yuanyuan Zhang, Xiaoli Li, Chunyu Wang, Mingxiu Guo, Yong Kong and Yutian Lu
Describing Spatiotemporal Couplings in Ultrashort Pulses Using Amplitude Coupling Coefficients
Shuguang Zeng, Youquan Dan, Bin Zhang, Nianchun Sun and Zhan Sui
Permitted Parametric of Optical Parametric Oscillator Based on PPRTA
Fang Wen and Yanbin Men
Widely Tunable Narrow-Linewidth Large Mode Area Er?+/Yb?+ Codoped Double-Clad Fiber Laser
Zhuoliang Wu, Shanghong Zhao, Xingchun Chu, Shengbao Zhan and Di Zhang
Use of Tapered Optical Fibers to Improve the Power Handling Capacity of Fiber Delivery System
Xinghai Zhao, Wenyong Cheng and Yang Gao
Single Crystal Growth, Structure Determination and Third-Order Nonlinear Optical Property Study of a Nickel Complex Constructed by Imidazole Ligand
Ting Bin Li, Ya Li Hu, Quan Ren and Dong Xu
Coherent and Ultrafast Manipulation of Entanglement Sudden Death and Revival
Xiang-Yang Yu and Jian-Hong Li
The Modulation Properties of Local-Field Effect on a Dense Two-Level System
Xiang-Yang Yu and Cheng Li
Entanglement Dynamics of the Bipartite System in Common Reservoir
Xiang-Yang Yu and Jian-Hong Li
Analysis of Yellow Light Generation Based on Photonic Crystals and Shock Wave
Zongheng Yuan and Yadan Xing
Terahertz Porous Fibers with Random Core Distributions
Jinjun Bai, Zhan Guo, Jining Li, Xianghui Wang, Hui Zhang and Shengjiang Chang
Stability and Scalability of Self-Organized Coherent Fiber Laser Array
Si-si Zhao, Zheng-yu Ye, Zhen Wang and Zhi-yong Wang
The Surface Layer of Fused Silica Finished by Various Polishing Techniques
Yaguo Li, Zhichao Liu, Ruiqing Xie, Jian Wang and Qiao Xu
The Influence of Laser Spot on Resistance of Chip Resistors
Zhijuan Wang, Xiaodong Yan, Yuan Sun, Zhijuan Wang, Xiaodong Yan, Yuan Sun, Xiaobing Zhao and Xiaobing Zhao
High-Intensity Laser Frequency Doubling in KDP with a Temperature Distribution
Wei Li, Guoying Feng, Xu Han and Ting Shao
The Phase Modulation of the Electromagnetically Induced Transparency in a Four-Level System
Lijun Yang, Min Zhao and Lianshui Zhang
Phase Control of Electromagnetically Induced Transparency in a Cyclic Three-Level System
Li-jun Yang, Dong-qi Lu and Min Zhao
Using Embedded-Atom Method (EAM) to Simulate Interaction of Intense Laser with Lead in LIBS
Yinfei Lu, Rao Fu, Guizhong Zhang, Degang Xu and Jianquan Yao
Numerical Simulation of Laser-Induced Rayleigh Wave and Its Interaction with Sub-Surface Void in Solid
Yan Zhao, Zhonghua Shen, Jian Lu, Xiaowu Ni and Yiping Cui
Optically Pumped Terahertz Laser Based on Three-Level Transition in D2O
Huafeng Shi, Lei Jin, Yuanfu Lu, Xiaojing Gong, Yandong Zhang and Han Cui
Polarization Dependent Transmission through a Symmetrical Metallic Grating on Low-Absorption Polymer Substrates
Dongbin Tian, Huaiwu Zhang, Qiye Wen and Yuanqiang Song
Design of Fiber Coupled High Power Laser Diode by Concave Mirror
Xiaohui Ma, Quanlin Shi, Li Xu, Ling Wang and Guojun Liu
Design of Gires-Tournois Interferometer Mirror Used in Cr:LiSAF Femtosecond Lasers
Chunyan Liao
Research of the Compensation for Phase-Tilt Aberration with an Confocal Unstable Resonator
Xiang Zhang
Stable High Power Narrow Linewidth Single Frequency Fiber Laser Using a FBG F-P Etalon and a Fiber Saturable Absorber
Zhiyong Dai and Xiaoxia Zhang
Ascertainment of the Optimal Processing Parameters during Laser Metal Deposition Shaping
Kai Zhang, Shenbo Yu and Xiaofeng Shang
Analysis of the Large-Signal Circuit Model for Quantum Cascade Laser
Wen-guang Wu, Wen-quan Sui, Yang-yang Pen and Xiao-ying Wang
Numerical Simulation on the Voltage Response of Field Effect Transistor by Focused Terahertz Radiation
Zhifeng Yan, Jingzuan Zhu, Yinglei Wang, Xinnan Lin and Jin He
Study on the Optical Frequency Domain Reflectometry Based on Tunable Narrow linewidth Fiber Laser
Guoyu Li, Peng Zhao and Bai-ou Guan
Multipole Nonlinear Response of Metamaterials
Yuan Xu, Zhao-ming Dou and Shu-pian Tang
Design of Small Beam Divergence, Low Threshold, Long Wavelength GaSb Lasers
A. Al-Muhanna, A. Al-Harbi and A. Salhi
Spot-Splitting of Ring Laser Beam in CS2
Changyu Shen and Ke Li
Influence of Gain Broadening for Solid Laser Output Power
Hongbin Shen and Gang Li
Photoluminescence Study of the Interface of Nanocrystalline ZnO/Amorphous ZnO
Zhijun Wang, Shouchun Li, Mucui Ni, Li Liu, Jinbao Zhang, Lianyuan Wang, Yunxian Tian, Zeheng Wang and Aiguo Wei
Research of a High Stability Laser System for Imaging VISAR
Rui Zhang, Mingzhong Li, Jianjun Wang, Wentao Duan, Honghuan Lin, Yin Deng, Dangpeng Xu and Feng Wang
All-Optical Switches and Y-junction Waveguides Based on the Perpendicular Collisions of Photoisomerization Solitons
Hongcheng Wang, Dongxiong Ling and Yongzhao Xu
Obtaining the Wavefront Aberrations of Passive Positive-Branch Unstable Resonators by Use of H-S Sensor
Xiang Zhang
Study of Optical Emission Spectroscopy in a GaN ECRPECVD
Tao Ma, Heng Liu and Yuying Xiong
Influence of Focal Length on Optical Limiting Characteristics Based on Stimulated Brillouin Scattering in CCl4 Medium
Huaping Gong, Jianfeng Wang and Dianyang Lin
Red, Yellow and Green Laser Generated Simultaneously from Laser-Diode Side-Pumped Nd:YAG Crystals in a Cruciform Cavity
Xiuyan Chen, Haowei Chen, Zhaoyu Ren, Chen Zhang, Baole Lu and Jintao Bai
Parameters for Characterizing Broadband Gaussian Shell-Model Beams Propagating in Free Space
Hai-dan Mao, Lin-fei Chen, Fan Ge, Hai-dan Mao and Dao-mu Zhao
Acousto-Optic Tunable Quasi-Phase-Matching Nonlinear Effects in Periodically Poled LiNbO3
Zi-yan Yu, Fei Xu, Fei Leng, Xiao-shi Qian, Xiang-fei Chen and Yan-qing Lu
New Laser System for Distance Metrology-High Accuracy Long Distance Measurements with a Frequency Comb Laser
M. Cui, M. G. Zeitouny, N. Bhattacharya, S. A. van den Berg and H. P. Urbach
Laser Weld Technology Status and Prospects
Xiaoling Luo and Lei Deng
Laser Technology Application in Machining
Xiaoling Luo and Bing Li
Image Processing
Remote 3D Measurement & Visualization System Based on Laser Scanning & 3D Reconstruction
Wenjun Zhang and Tao Wu
Theory Analysis of Differential Readout Signal for Super-RENS Optical Disc
Wenhua Hu, Xiujian Li, Jiankun Yang, Junbo Yang, H. P. Urbach and S.F. Pereira
Observation of Mixed-Layer Depth of Atmosphere with Lidar
Li Wang, Jiandong Mao, Yufeng Wang, Ming Wang and Dengxin Hua
Improved Color Image Demosaicing with Signal Correlation
Yong-Qin Zhang, Zhuo Yang, Feng-Lan Sun and Yong Ai
A Fast and Sub-Pixel Detector for Grid-Like Target in Camera Calibration
Le-Jun Shen and Zhun-Yu Ke
A 95mw, 12fps, 3.2-Mpixel CMOS Imager with Nonlinear Response Programmable Gain Amplifier to Enlarge Dynamic Range
Xiangliang Jin and Zhibi Liu
Design of Capacitance Sensor's Circuit
Xiao-Na Bian, Wen He and Hui-Yun Han
Geometric Parameter Optimization of Far-Field Hyperlens for Super Resolution
Dongdong Li, Changchun Yan and Dao Hua Zhang
Study on Image Processing Technology in Imaging Laser Detection System
Zhong-liang Zhou and Jia-ju Ying
Parallel Coding Efficiency Analysis of H.264 on PC Cluster
Fan Niu, Dongmei Li and Shuai Peng
Preliminary Study on Seasonal Changes of Infrared Thermal Images of Human Body
Bo Huang, Ziru Li, Xusheng Zhang, Gang Lin and Zhigang Chen
A Highly Parallel Beam-Addressed True Three-Dimensional Volumetric Display System
Jianfang Xing, Huajun Gong, Li Li and Wenping Pan
A New Objective Evaluation Index to Fusion Images Quality Based on Power Spectrum and HVS Characteristics
Yong Zhang and Weiqi Jin
Automatic Ball-Pressure Indentation Testing System Based on Image Processing Technology
Junping Su, Congwei Lv, Jianhuan Zhang and Runyu Lou
Design of Color Fringe Projection Sequences for 3D Shape Measurements
Tien-Tung Chung, Tsan-Wei Liu, Meng-Hung Shih and Yi-Ting Tu
Compensation with Multi Motion Models for Images from TDI-CCD Aerial Camera
Jiong Liang, Tingfa Xu and Guoqiang Ni
A Method of 3D Building Boundary Extraction from Airborne LIDAR Points Cloud
Jing-zhong Xu, You-chuan Wan and Fang Yao
An Improved Iterative Back-Projection Algorithm for Video Super-Resolution Reconstruction
Haiying Song, Xiaohai He, Weilong Chen and Yanyue Sun
Digital Image Hiding Technology Based on Three-Dimension Object Digital Holography Encoded by Double-Random Phase
Min Sun and Zhuqing Zhu
Three Coordinates Simultaneous Calibration in Fourier Transform Profilometry
Qican Zhang, Xianyu Su and Liqun Xiang
The Research of Embedded Face Recognition System Design Based on DSP: Automatic Machine Recognition of Face Design and Implementation
Lian Pan and Junjie Song
Impulse Noise Removal Using Grey Polynomial Model
Xiao-Guang Li, Wei-Min Zhang and Ke-Jie Dai
A Color Video Quality Assessment Based on Edge-Color Distortion
Jianhua Xiang, Junli Li, Yongsheng Wang, Gangyi Jiang and Gang Chen
A Novel Shot Segmentation Algorithm Based on Motion Edge Feature
Liu Liu and Jian-Xun Li
The Application of Improved Canny Algorithm in Internal Waves' Parameters from MODIS Remote Sensing Images
Fang-fang Chen, Xing-fang Jiang and Zhong-yi Jiang
Making of the Intelligent Calculation System for Physical Parameters of Oceanic Internal Waves
Xingfang Jiang, Tianyu Bi, Fangfang Chen and Xianqiang He
Digital Photogrammetry Applying to Reverse Engineering
De-hai Zhang, Jin Liang, Cheng Guo and Xiao-qiang Zhang
Optimum Optical Local Oscillator Power Levels Impact on Signal-to-Noise Ratio in Heterodyne
Yan-Chao Li, Long Gao, Hai-Fang Cong, Yang Qu, Jie Gao, Ao-you Wang and Chun-Hui Wang
Analysis Image of Multiplayer Thin Films
Jing Li and Guirong Weng
Research of New Method for Removal Thin Cloud and Fog of the Remote Sensing Images
Xingfang Jiang and Wei Ma
Tracking Infrared Target with Constructing Multiple Feature Pseudo-Color Image
Ruiming Liu and Qiang Liu
Development and Radiance Calibration of Three-Waveband Camera
Zifeng Lu, Qiang Sun, Jian Wang, Zhenwu Lu, Zifeng Lu and Yichun Liu
Application of Remote Sensing Optical Properties of Ship Wakes at Sea Area out of Dalian Harbor
Yu Zhang, Ningchuan Zhang and Zhenyu Yuan
The Study of Face Detection Algorithm Based on Improved AdaBoost with Skin Color Model
Gang Li and Yinping Xu
The Application of Polarization Microscopy in Determining Electrospinning Conditions for Preparing Drug-Loaded Nanofibers
D. G. Yu, X. X. Shen, W. Nie, L. M. Zhu, K. White and C. Branford-White
The Multi-Scale Spatial Pattern Recognition of Vegetation Based on Fractal Geometry
Jin-bao Liu and Zheng-wei He
Study of Data Partition Algorithm for Irregular Meshes
Shaowei Feng, Jing Zhang and Bin Zeng
Study on Distilling the Useful Information in Fourier Transform Profilometry
Xuhu Ren and Xu Zhang
Toward High-Level Visual Content Interpretation and Annotation for Sport Events
Sutasinee Chimlek, Piamsa-nga Punpiti, Kraisak Kesorn and Stefan Poslad
The Simulation Platform of Adaptive Optics for the Extremely Large Telescope
Zhiwen Wu, Ningfei Wang and Torben Andersen
A Generalized DAMRF Image Model for Super-Resolution of License Plates
Weili Zeng and Xiaobo Lu
3D Seismic Data Segmentation Based on the Orientation Coherence Method
Liang Zhao, Chunxia Zhao and Erhua Zhang
A Novel Method to Adjust the White Point of the Normal Black TFT-LCD
Jianguo Wang and Beibei Wu
Improved Known-Plaintext Attack on Optical Encryption Based on Double Random Phase Encoding
Wan Qin, Xiang Peng, Xiangfeng Meng and Wenqi He
Improving Image Enhancement by Gradient Fusion
Xin Xu, Qiang Chen and Deshen Xia
On a Self-Adaptive Enhancement Algorithm of Color Image
Jingwen Bai and Licai Zhang
A New Space Image Segmentation Method Based on the Non-Subsampled Contourlet Transform
Jichao Jiao, Baojun Zhao and Hui Zhang
Remote Malfunction Diagnosis System Based on Infrared Thermal Imaging and RIA
Wenjun Zhang
Recognition Research on Visual Invariants Using Conformal Geometric Algebra
Xian Wang and Kuang-Rong Hao
An Effective Adaptive Median Filter Algorithm for Removing Salt & Pepper Noise in Images
Jiafu Jiang and Jing Shen
Polarization and Spectral Information Jointly Utilization in Targets Classification under Different Weather Conditions
Chao Chen, Yong-qiang Zhao, Dan Liu, Quan Pan and Yong-mei Cheng
Research on Algorithm of the Human Body Identification and Tracking outside the Elevator Door
Yuan-ping Wang, Guo-jun Zhao, Xi Zeng and Hai-xiao Xing
Learning Overcomplete Dictionaries with Application to Image Denoising
Ronggen Yang and Mingwu Ren
High-Speed Data Acquisition and Processing System for Multi-Spectral Imagery System
Cailing Wang, Xuebin Liu, Xiaolai Chen, Bingliang Hu and Yun Li
Factor Analysis for the Impactions on Principal Point Accuracy in Exact Measuring Angle Method
Wei-yi Liu, Ya-lin Ding, Ji-qiang Jia and Wei-yi Liu
Improved Simulated Annealing Genetic Algorithm Applying in Image Restoration
Bo-chang Li, Guang-hong He and Xiao-yong Wang
A Triangle Algorithm of Stars Identification Improved by Geometric Hull
Chao-shan Liu, Huan Xiao, Song Xiao and Guang-bin Liu
More Effective Supervised Learning in Randomized Trees for Feature Recognition
Junwei Guo, Jing Chen, Yongtian Wang and Wei Liu
Study on Missile-Borne Millimeter Wave Radiometric Images Simulation
Quanliang Huang, Xia Jiang and Cheng Tao
A New Rapid Method of Orientation of Vehicle License Plate Based on the Max Information Quantity in Region
Shijin Liu and Meng Zhang
A High-Performance JPEG2000 Decoder Based on FPGA According to DCI Specification
Ruixin Xu, Tie Xiao and Chao Xu
A Binary Text Image Authentication Algorithm Based on Short Digital Signature
Bao-jian Gao and Min Du
Design on Hybrid Diffractive and Refractive Long-Focal Objective
Xu-Hua Zhai, Hong-Tao Zhang and Feng-Hua Zou
Design of Hybrid Diffractive and Refractive Wide-Angle Objective
Hongtao Zhang, Xuhua Zhai and Xueliang Mao
Adaptive Template Based Object Tracking with Affine Model
Xinxin Dong and Zheng Mao
Auto-Threshold Bone Segmentation Based on CT Image and Its Application on CTA Bone-Subtraction
Kai Zhao, Bin Kang, Yan Kang, Hong Zhao and Hong Zhao
Development of Electronic Panoramic Mirror Based on Image Mosaics
Ping Yang and Zheng Mao
Subpixel In-Plane Displacement Measurement Using Digital Image Correlation and Artificial Neural Networks
Xiaoyong Liu and Qingchang Tan
A Novel Image Segment Method for Three-Dimensional Laser Scanning
Yibo Wang, Yaochuan Qian, Junwei Yang and Yao Yao
Research on the Variation Rules of Positions and Intensity of Correlation Peaks in Vander Lugt Correlator
Houji Gan, Wenshen Hua and Hongqi Gao
Guidance Line Detection for Strawberry Field in Greenhouse
Fujuan Wang
Medical Image Tracking Using Contour and Projection Images
Yaoqin Xie
The Study of Realistic Image Rendition Algorithms Based on Human Visual System
Lili Lv, Kun Gao, Guoqiang Ni and Manjun Xiao
Visibility Measurement Using Digital Cameras in Qingdao
Bin Zhang
An Extension of Texture Spectrum Using Local Structure and Variance
Junding Sun, Shisong Zhu and Xiaosheng Wu
Digital Image Forgery Forensics by Using Blur Estimation and Abnormal Hue Detection
Fei Peng and Xi-lan Wang
The Research of Vision Calibration Method for Target Localization
S. Y. Li, X. F. Ruan and Q. H. Zhu
Electric Field Induced by Ion Cr?+ in Volume Hologram Made with Dichromated Gelatin
Zhi Ren, Songtao Li and Dahe Liu
Application of Improved PSO-SVM Approach in Image Classification
Jin Gao, Jin-Ye Peng and Zhan Li
Surface Shaping Approach of Aspheric Optical Lenses with CNC Turning
Shihan Zhang, Yinbiao Guo, Zhe Wang and Shutong Xie
A PCNN-Based Edge Detection Algorithm for Rock Fracture Images
ChangTao He and WeiXing Wang
Study on the Image Segmentation of Field Crops Based on the Fusion of Infrared and Visible-Light Images
Jian Wang and ShiPing Du
Analysis of Crosstalk of Stereoscopic Display Using Path Integral
Hua-rong Peng, Qiong-hua Wang and Da-hai Li
A Modified Constrained Random Selection Approach for Relevance Feedback
Haiyang Zhang and Xianwei Li
Imaging Method of the Wide-Band MIMO Radar Based on a Symmetrical Exponential Distribution Nonlinear Array
A-lei Chen, Dang-wei Wang, Xiao-yan Ma and Xiao-nan Wang
Electrically Controlled Transverse Superresolution Filter with Axial Focal Shift
Lingling Chen, Jiming Wang, Chongjun He, Youwen Liu, Maojin Yun and Jiawen Xu
Adaptive Vector Filtering with Low Computational Complexity for Image Sensor Applications
Chunmei LI, Kyu-Young Kim, Young-Jae Min, Chae-Sung Kim and Soo-Won Kim
Fast 3D Imaging Using Modulation Analysis
Xianyu Su, Yunfu Dou, Liqun Xiang, Qican Zhang and Yanfei Chen
System of Measuring the Sub-Pixel Edge of CCD Image's
Yu Mei Wang and Guo Sheng Xu
A New Angle-Based Spectral Index and Its Application in Drought Monitoring
Hailei Liu, Lisheng Xu, Jilie Ding and Xiaobo Deng
Optical Communications
Design of High Nonlinearity Fiber with Square Lattice Novel Microstructure Photonic Crystal Fiber
Wenjuan Lu, Yumin Liu, Zhongyuan Yu, Lihong Han and Ding Ni
Study on Tunable Long-Period Fiber Gratings Produced by Mechanical Method
Lan Lan, Xiao-jun Zhou, Cheng-jin Chen and Yong Liu
Performance of BPSK Subcarrier Intensity Modulation Free-Space Optical Communications using a Log-normal Atmospheric Turbulence Model
X. Tang, S. Rajbhandari, W. O. Popoola, Z. Ghassemlooy, E. Leitgeb, S. S. Muhammad and
G. Kandus
Finite Element Method Analysis of Photonic Crystal Fiber Band Structure
A. Najafi, M. Jalalkamali, S. Moghadamzadeh and M. A. Bolorizadeh
Experimental Demonstration for a Novel Optical Multiplexing Scheme Based on Dispersion Matching
Liang Cheng, Dawei Wang, Cheng Luo and Biao Chen
Laser Signal Intensity and Aperture Averaging Analysis in 16km Free-Space Optical Links
Jing Chen and Yong Ai
Investigation of the Index Profile of Photonic Crystal Fibers on Dispersion Characteristics
Ding Ni, LiHong Han, YuMin Liu and Zhongyuan Yu
Three Code-Mapping Methods for Optical CDMA
Cheng-Yuan Chang, Guu-Chang Yang, Chen-Pin Tu and Wing C. Kwong
Study on the Coupling Efficiency between Two Bending Nano-Fiber
Guo-rui Zhou, Guo-ying Feng, Hao Yang and Hongyuan Ding
The Mobile Service of Geospatial Information Based on MANET
Fuling Bian and Yun Zhang
Timing Jitter Reduction over 100-km Fiber by Stabilizing Harmonic Phase Difference of Femtosecond Comb
Dong Hou, Peng Li, Jianye Zhao and Zhigang Zhang
The Influence of Timing Error on the Performance of Optical Pulse PPM System in Atmospheric Turbulent Channels
Yong Wang, Yabin Zhang, Zheng Dou and Danyang Tian
Detection Probability Model of Single Photons Propagation in a Slant Path Turbulent Atmosphere
Yi-Xin Zhang, Jian-Cai Xu, Jian-Yu Wang and Jian-Jun Jia
A Simple Method for Security Proof of Decoy States QKD with Finite Resources
Hong-Wei Li, Shuang Wang, Zhen-Qiang Yin, Wan-Su Bao, Zheng-Fu Han and Guang-Can Guo
Performances Comparison of Ball Lenses Having Gradient Refractive Index Distribution and Homogeneous Medium
Jufang Tong, Aimei Liu, Hao Lv, Xunong Yi, Qianguang Li, Xinmin Wang and Yaoming Ding
Accurate Analysis of Double-Weight O-CDMA Scheme with the Same Bit-Power Assumption
Tsung-Hsi Chuang, Yang-Ting Chou, Cheng-Yuan Chang, Wing C. Kwong, Han-Yun Chu, Chih-Hao Chen and Guu-Chang Yang
Free Space Optical Communication Based on V_BLAST
Minghua Cao, Huiqin Wang, Kejun Jia and Liang Hou
Aperiodic Phase-Only Sampled Chirp Gratings with High Reflectivity for Compensating the Dispersion and the Dispersion Slope
Liqun Huang, Fulai Liu and Ligang Miao
Research on the Conceptual Design of Fleet FSO Tactics Communication System under the Influence of Atmospheric Turbulence in Marine Surface Layer
Dong Chen and Qian Chen
Research and Simulation of PPM Modulation and Demodulation System on Spatial Wireless Optical Communication
Xuan Fu, Guifen Chen, Tingting Tang, Yunguo Zhao, Peng Wang and Yuhuan Zhang
Collinear Surface Acoustic Wave Acousto-Electro-Optic Modulator in Ti:LiNbO3 Waveguide
Tao Liu and Kuanxin Yu
Effects of Third Order Dispersion on the Performance of OCDMA Transmission System
Xiang Yang Yu and Chuan Yi Lin
Planning Traffic-Oblivious Survivable WDM Networks Using Differentiated Reliable Partial SRLG-Disjoint Protection
Rui Dai, Lemin Li, Sheng Wang and Xiaoning Zhang
Short-Range Burst Mode Wireless Optical Interconnection System of Moving Object
Changying Chen, Yue Hong, Wei Deng and Qian Fu
Changes of Beam Parameters of Modified Partially Coherent Flat-Topped Beams Propagating in Turbulence
Pingping Pan and Bin Zhang
Visible Light Communications°™Recent Progresses and Future Outlooks
Yueqiao Zheng and Minglun Zhang
A 2-Channel Parallel 0.35®¨m SiGe BiCMOS Laser Diode Driver
Feng Xie, Yanyi Xu and Ming Yin
A Novel Scheme for Realization of Flexible ODU Hitless Resizing
Chao Fang and Xue Chen
Bandgap and Mode Properties of Low Loss All-Solid Photonic Bandgap Fiber
Pei-guang Yan, Shuang-chen Ruan, Jian Zhao, Jie Shu, Hui-feng Wei and Jie Luo
Research on FSO Blind Equalization Algorithm of Decision-Directed Based on Higher-Order Cumulant
Xizheng Ke, Hua He and Ni Wang
Propagation Properties of Multi-Gaussian Beams in Turbulent Atmosphere
Yangli Ai, Youquan Dan and Bangyuan Hao
Nonlinearity- and Dispersion-Managed Solitons in Optical Fiber Systems
Xiujun He, Kang Xie, Anping Xiang and Zhenhai Wu
Comb-Filter Based on In-Fiber Mach-Zehnder Interferometer Using a Twin-Core Fiber
Linyong Fan, Weiwei Jiang, Suchun Feng, Ruifeng Zhao, Siwen Zheng, Huanlu Li, Li Pei and Shuisheng Jian
UWRR: A Novel Scheduling Algorithm for Self-Similar Multi-Services in Optical Packet Switching Network
Chang Cao, Yongjun Zhang, Rui Chen, Zheng Ma and Jie Zhang
Gain Property of Brillouin Scattering in S Band Raman Amplifier
Jianfeng Wang, Yongxing Jin, Changyu Shen, Zaizuan Zhang and Yanqing Qiu
An Research of Ping-Pong Clock Synchronization Based on Quantum Optics
Duan Xie and Jinye Peng
The Design and Fabrication of Fibonacci Quasi-Periodic Superstructure Fiber Bragg Gratings
Jian Zhang, Aiwu Li, Chuannan Li, Li Xia and P. Shum
A Wavelength Selective Bidirectional Isolator
Xi-kui Hu, Zhang-di Huang, Su-shan Li, Fei Xu and Yan-qing Lu
Temperature Monitor System of Heating Network Based on Optical Fiber Communication
Fei Wang, Weijie Wang, Rong Cao and Xuezeng Zhao
Study on the On-Line Insulation Monitoring Technique for Transformer Oil
Fei Wang, Weijie Wang, Guoqiang Li and Xuezeng Zhao
Measurement of the Raman Gain Coefficient in Optical Fibers by Using the Spontaneous Technique
Yu Zhao, Yongxing Jin and Jianfeng Wang
Suppression of Transient Gain Response in Bi-Directionally Pumped Raman Amplifiers
Liqun Huang, Guang Yang and Xin Song
Ultrahigh Birefringence with Ultralow Confinement Loss of Photonic Crystal Fibers
Yuan-Fong Chau and Chi-Yu Liu
Medical and Biological Applications
Determination of Tumor Stroma Scattering Coefficient Using Confocal Microscopy
Shuangmu Zhuo, Liqin Zheng, Xiaoqin Zhu, Jianxin Chen, Shusen Xie and Xingshan Jiang
High Resolution Photoacoustic Standard CT for Quasi-3D Breast Cancer Imaging
Liangzhong Xiang, Da Xing and Yi Yuan
Localization of Light Source in Deep Tissue: A Primary Study
Qinghua Quan, Zheng Zhen, Yong Yao, Teng Zhang, Jia Gu and Lei Wang
Low-Power Laser Irradiation Inhibits Apoptosis Induced by A¶¬ via Preventing Ask-1/JNK Pathway
Lei Liu, Jie Feng and Jiangang Liang
Trust Region Method for Solving the Bioluminescence Tomography Inverse Problem
Xiaowei He, Zhiyong Zhang and Jingjing Yu
Electrokinetic Instability Induced Valveless Multi-Switching in a Microfluidic Chip
Wen-Chung Chang, I-Ting Hsieh, Kao-Feng Yarn and Win-Jet Luo
Finite Schematic Eye Model with Maxwell Fish-Eye Spherical Lens
Yun Wu, Aimei Liu, Hao Lv, Xunong Yi, Qianguang Li, Xinmin Wang, Yaoming Ding and Jufang Tong
Analysis of Auto-Fluorescence Distribution on Teeth Surface Based on Finite Element Method
Qingguang Chen, Bin Lin, Qiong Wu, Lifang Hao, Yingfei Lu and Yongtao Lin
Morphological Granulometric Feature of Speckled Speckles for Characterizing the Scattering Coefficient of Tissue Phantoms
Zhifang Li, Lingling Fan, Wenming Xie and Hui Li
Comparative Study of Reflectance Spectroscopy of Women's Acupoints around Menstruation
Xinghui Jiang, Hanping Liu, Zhouyi Guo, Changchu Zeng, Xinghui Jiang, Hanping Liu, Zhouyi Guo, Changchu Zeng, Yaoyong Meng, Songhao Liu, Yaoyong Meng and Songhao Liu
Multifunctional Fluorescence/Magnetic Composite Microspheres for Cell Tracking and Drug Targeting Usage
Xibin Yi, Xiaodong Shen and Sheng Cui
Pesticide Residues Detection by Fluorescence Spectral Analysis Based on BP Neural Network
Lei Wang and Xiaoyan Qiao
An Study on Laser Propagation Characteristics of Skin in Vivo
Jin-Wang Yu, Changshui Chen, Songhao Liu, Xiangrong Liu, Hanchuan Huang, Yifan Jiang and Xiaomei Liu
Nonlinear Spectral Imaging of Esophageal Tissue Based on Two-Photon Excited Fluorescence and Second-Harmonic Generation
Hongquan Yang, Shuangmu Zhuo, Liqin Zheng, Xingshan Jiang and Jianxin Chen
Photoacoustic Topography System Based on Ring-Shaped Array Transducer
Sihua Yang, Da Xing and Songbo Ma
620Nm Red Light Promotes Celluar Viability and Mrna Expression of Collagen Type I in Bone Mesenchymal Stem Cells of Rat
Fei Peng and Hua Wu
Feasibility of Using Tissue-Equivalent Materials to Study Laser-Tissue Interaction Effects for High Intensity Laser Beams
Yuchuan Fu, Bin Tang, Daquan Lin, Daguan Lin, Chen Feng, Ke Yao, Guoying Feng, Chen Feng, Ke Yao and Guoying Feng
Skin Damage of Ablative Laser in Vivo Based on Multiphoton Microscopy
Shulian Wu, Xiaoman Zhang and Hui Li
Multivariate Analysis of Near-Infrared Spectra by Wavelet Domain Regression Using Genetic Algorithm
Dan Peng, Xia Li, Kaina Dong and Gaihong Zhang
Determination of Catechin Monomers in Tea Polyphenols Powder Using NIR and ANN
Hua-cai Chen, Yong-jun Zhang and Jia-xing Jiang
Wavenumbers Combination Optimization for NIRS Analysis of Glucose in Human Serum
Jun Xie, Tao Pan, Jiemei Chen, Huazhou Chen, Guoqiang Jiang and Lingling Wu
Least Squares-Support Vector Machine-Based Analysis of Near-Infrared Spectra with Techniques of Dimension Reduction and Parameter Optimization
Dan Peng, Gaihong Zhang, Kaina Dong and Xia Li
A Research of the Tea Trace Element by ICP Spectrograph
Guang Li, Kaiguang Tu, Xiaohui Zhao and Rongxiang Zhang
Applications of Raman Spectroscopy as an Non-Invasive Method in Pharmaceutical Analysis
Zhen Tian, Nai-Ci Bing, Ling-ling Wang, Li-li Xie, Li-Jun Wang and Hao Yuan
A Labview Based Motion Control System for the Development of a Fluorescence Ultra-Fast Continuous Flow Rapid Mixing Device
Hua Lu, Xiaoyu Ding, Dacan Yang, Peng Qu, Yi Tao, Hua Lu, Xiaoyu Ding, Dacan Yang, Peng Qu and Yi Tao
Optoelectronic Devices and Integration
Theoretical Models, Fabrications and Applications of Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensors
Wei Zhang, Zhao Yue, Cheng Wang, Siyi Yang, Wencheng Niu and Guohua Liu
Spherical Photonic Crystal Microcavity with Ultra-High Quality Factor
Lin Luo and Chun Jiang
A New Siloxane Functional Polymer for Chemical Vapor Sensor
Jia Huang, Yadong Jiang, Xiaosong Du and Juan Bi
Performance Enhanced OLEDs Using a Li3N Doped Tris(8Hydroxyquinoline) Aluminum(Alq3) Thin Film as Electron-Injecting and Transporting Layer
Chuannan Li, Tao Li, Aiwu Li, Guoyu Cui, Rui Zhang and Shiyong Liu
Digital Synchronous System for Ultra High-Speed Physical Diagnostic Equipments
Yingdong Xue, Yong-Lin Bai and Yan Li
Effect of Sputtering Power on Structure and Optical Properties of CuxAlyOz Films
Li-ping Feng, Zheng-tang Liu, Hao Tian, Qi-jun Liu and Hong-cheng Lu
Waveform Monitoring Based on Cascaded Symmetric Mach-Zehnder Interferometer
Yi Yang, Jian Cui, Zheng Li and Zheng Zheng
X-Ray Intensifier with the Transmission Type CsI/MCP Cathode and Lixiscope of Real-Time Imaging System
Ye Li, Xulei Qin, Li Chen, Rong Xiang, Xin Wang, Delong Jiang and Jingquan Tian
Study on Sensing Properties of a Temperature-Independent High Pressure Sensor Base on Tapered FBG
Rensheng Shen, Yang Liu, Xiao Zhang, Wen Lin, Lin Qi, Chuanhui Cheng, Yushu Zhang and Guotong Du
Variational Effective Index Analysis of Organic/Polymer Rib Optical Waveguide
Jinkun Liao, Xionggui Tang, Rongguo Lu, Heping Li, Xiaoxia Zhang and Yongzhi Liu
System of Measuring the Sub-Pixel Edge of Linear CCD Based on Auto Focusing
Guo-sheng Xu
Characterization of Liquid Crystal Display Phase Modulation
Hongjun Wang, Ailing Tian and Bingcai Liu
Silicon-Germanium Thin Films Prepared by RF-PECVD and Its Optical Properties
Xinghan Deng, Huidong Yang, Bo Huang, Baoyu Xu, Jundai Shi, Shangzhuo Si and Mingliang Zhang
Theoretical Study on the Fabrication of Core-Etched Fiber Bragg Grating Refractive Index Sensors
Bin-bin Luo, Xiao-jun Zhou, Ming-fu Zhao, Fu-wei Jiang, Nian-bing Zhong and Shao-fei Wang
Fabrication of PCSS Based on AFM and Photolithograph
Qinggang Liu, Kai Zhang, Jindong Xin and Xiaotang Hu
Study of Boron-Doped Silicon Carbide Thin Films
Shangzhuo Si, Huidong Yang, Bo Huang, Baoyu Xu, Xinghan Deng, Jundai Shi and Chubin Ma
Stand-Off Explosives Detection Based on Raman Spectroscopy
Cheng Cheng, Zhenyu Li, Weihao Liu and Jing Wu
Optimization Design of Electrode Size for 1D Liquid Crystal Optical Phased Array with High Resolution
Lin Xu and Ziqiang Huang
Optimization of Optical Thin Film with Jump Method
Lei Li, Qiong-Hua Wang, Da-hai Li, Rong-hua Peng and Qiong-Hua Wang
High-Speed All-Optical Sampling Based on Nonlinear Polarization Rotation in a Semiconductor Optical Amplifier
Shangjian Zhang, Ligong Chen, Pinxiang Duan, Heping Li, Yong Liu and Yongzhi Liu
A Macrobending Fiber Based Micro-Displacement Sensor
Pengfei Wang, Yuliya Semenova, Qiang Wu and Gerald Farrell
Controlled Synthesis of ZnO Microcrystals by a Simple Microwave Reaction Method
Lifei Chen and Yu Wei
Characterization of Trap States Distribution in Poly-Si TFTs Using OEMS
Junkai Huang, Xiaozhou Jiang, Wanling Deng, Xueren Zheng and Tao Liu
The Realization of Computer Generated Integral Imaging Based on Two Step Pickup Method
Huan Deng, Qiong-Hua Wang and Da-Hai Li
First-Principles Study of Fundamental Properties of BxIn1-XP Alloys
Deping Xiong, Qi Wang, Li Luo, Yinhai Wang, Yongqing Huang and Xiaomin Ren
Structural and Magnetic Ordering Behaviour of (Co, Ni, and Al) Doped ZnO Diluted Magnetic Semiconductor
Jinbiao Fu, Bo Wu, Hailong Liu, Chaohui Zhang, Maohua Lin and Lu Chen
Electrically Controllable Polarization Independent Two-Way Variable Optical Attenuator Based on Polymer-Stabilized Cholesteric Liquid Crystal
Yuhua Huang
Superposition of Double Amplitude Diffraction Gratings
Ze Zong and Hongyan Xing
A Novel Test Bench for UFPA
Ziji Liu, Yadong Jiang, Hongbin Zhu and Que Min
Energy Saving Mechanism in Ad Hoc Network
Ren Gao and Yun Zhang
The Study of New Optical Fiber Liquid-Level Measure System
Shuqing Zhang and Fujin Li
A New Bias Equalization for Microbolometer Array
Xiqu Chen and Keling Wu
The Applications of Carbon Nanotubes in Optical Limiting Effect
Xizhen Hu, Chongchao Huang and Aihua Luo
Electro-Optical Coupling in Laminate Composites Ferroelectrics/Polycarbonate
X. Y. Li, N. Zhang, X. B. Luo, J. S. Gao and W. Wang
Magneto-Birefringence in Layered Composites at Room-Temperature
X. B. Luo, N. Zhang, X. Y. Li, J. S. Gao and W. Wang
A Superlattice Barrier Based Quantum Well Infrared Photodetector with Maximum Sensitivity at Mid-Infrared Wavelengths
N. Hatefi-Kargan, E. H. Linfield, P. Harrison and D. P. Steenson
Etalon Effects Analysis in Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy Gas Concentration Detection System Based on Wavelength Modulation Spectroscopy
Jia-nian Cao, Zhuo Wang, Ke-ke Zhang, Rui Yang and Yong Wang
Optic Fiber Methane Gas Sensor Based on Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy
Jia-nian Cao, Ke-ke Zhang, Zhuo Wang, Rui Yang and Yong Wang
Hybrid Filter Based on Long-Period Waveguide Grating and Multilayer Medium Thin Film for Broadband Waveguide Amplifiers
Haiyan Chen and Chunxiong Huang
The Research of Macro-Quality about LED Substrate during Precision Machining Process
Hai Zhou and Ligang Bai
Experiment Fabrication of All-Fiber Optical Add-Drop Filter Based on Bragg Grating Assisted Mismatched Coupler
Zhiming Liu and Jian Li
Design of Dammann Gratings by Particle Swarm Optimization
Zhao-Jun Shi and Yi-qing Gao
Vectorial Analysis of Anisotropic Dielectric Waveguides by the Multidomain Collocation Method
Jinbiao Xiao and Xiaohan Sun
Design and Implementation of Warship-Based Electro-Optical Theodolite Base on SINS
Yongming Qiao, Caiwen Ma and Errui Chen
An Intensity-Modulation Direct-Detection Radio-Over-Fiber Link with a Tunable Transfer Function
Haiyan Ou, Kun Zhu, Ying Hu and Chenhui Ye
Efficient Red Light-Emitting Diodes Based on Novel Europium Complexes in Poly(9,9-Dioctylfluorene) Host
Yan Xiong, Yong Zhang and Junbiao Peng
Simultaneous Strain/Temperature Measurement with Fiber Bragg Grating and High-Birefringence Fiber Loop Mirrors Using an Intensity-Based Interrogation Method
Da-Peng Zhou, Wing-Ki Liu and Li Wei
Growth and Characterization of GaAs/AlGaAs Core-Multishell Nanowires by Metalorganic Chemical Vapor Deposition
Jingwei Guo, Hui Huang, Xian Ye, Xiaomin Ren, Shiwei Cai, Wei Wang, Qi Wang and Yongqing Huang
10-Gb/s Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser Driver
Ji Chen, Wenyuan Li and Zhigong Wang
Design of Gaussian-Shaped and Double Sides Flanked Metallic Nano-Grating Surface Plasma Resonance Biosensors
Haiying Li, Zhidong Zhang, Xiangang Luo and Xunan Chen
Dispersionless Slow Light in Fiber Bragg Gratings with Active Materials
Yang Liu, Chun Jiang, Yaming Lin and Wenhui Xu
Study on Measuring Algorithm for Rendezvous and Docking Sensor of Cooperative Target
Xiaojun Liu, Zhijun Wei, Haocheng Wu, Peng Chen and Guang-Da Hu
Design of High-Power White LED Drive Chip with Fully Integrated PWM Dimming Function
Yuan Yang, Zhenghua Song and Yong Gao
Resolution Improvement by Focusing into Saturable Kerr Nonlinear Media
Xingyu Gao, Shugui Liu and Xiaosong Gan
Analysis of Small-Signal Frequency Response of Vertical Cavity Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers
Guo Deng and Wei Pan
Performance of Microchannel Plates with Al2O3 Ion Barrier Film after High-Temperature Degassing
De-long Jiang, Xin Wang, Kui Wu and Jing-quan Tian
Waveguide-Based Chip-to-Chip Optical Interconnection Network for Distributed Computer System
Zhihua Yu, Fengguang Luo, Zhihua Yu, Hong Wang, Yongtao Wang and Guangjun Wang
Electromagnetic Wave Propagation in a Sandwich Structure Containing Single-Negative Metamaterial
Tuanhui Feng and Libo Fan
Multipin Corona Poled System Designed for PMMA-Based Films
Baiqiang You, Jing Wang, Jianhua Zhou, Weifeng Lin, Chaojian Tong and Zhaoxian Xiong
"Chang E-1" Ultraviolet Optical Sensor for the Moon
Zhijun Wei, Xiaojun Liu, Haocheng Wu, Xiaoxing Zhang, Peng Chen and Guang-Da Hu
Stereoscopic Image Acquisition and Autostereoscopic Display
Ai-Hong Wang, Qiong-Hua Wang and Da-Hai Li
A Phase Unwrapping Algorithm for Discontinuous Object Measurement
Feng Chen and Weiwei Zhuang
Experimental Research of Coupling Fiber-Optic Sensor for Vibration Measurement
Ma Bin and Xu Jian
A Research of Liquid Level Measurement Based on Linear CCD
Qiang Wen, Weiqiang Wang and Yongfeng Shao
Kilometers-Range Dark-Pulse Brillouin Optical Time Domain Analyzer with Centimeters Spatial Resolution
Luming Li, Jihai Yang, Lei Liu, Zhiguo Zhang, Xue Chen and Min Zhang
Ultraviolet Photodetection Based on ZnO Colloidal Nanoparticles Made by Top-Down Wet-Chemistry Synthesis Process
Liqiao Qin, Christopher Shing and Shayla Sawyer
Research on Corona Poling for PMMA/DR1 Host-Guest Polymer Films
Jianhua Zhou, Lilin Huang, Baiqiang You, Weifeng Lin, Chaojian Tong and Zhaoxian Xiong
LiNbO3 Based 1°Ń2 Y-Branch Digital Optical Switch Integrated with S-Bend Variable Optical Attenuator
Huan Wang, Xihua Li, Qiang Zhou, Luquan Ge, Xiaoqing Jiang and Jianyi Yang
Signal Evolution of Slow and Fast Light in Erbium Doped Fiber
Hao Wang and Chunguang Zhang
Surface Plasmon Enhanced Spontaneous Emission of a Single Dipole by Coupling with a Metallic Grating
D. Y. Xuan, F. M. Kong, K. Li and J. Zhao
Study of the Imaging Performance for a Noncollinear Acousto-Optic Tunable Filter
Chunguang Zhang, Hao Wang and Yishen Qiu
Investigation on Optical Absorption Property of Au/Si-NPA
Kun Li, Yan-Wei Luo and Xiao-nan Fu
A Low Power Sensor-Signal Read-Out Circuit for Very Low-Level Chemical Detection
Sumei Jia, Zhi'an Wang, Peng Gao and Suying Yao
DFT Study of Gold Clusters Luminescence Spectrum
Vitaly Matulis, Dennis Palagin and Oleg Ivashkevich
The Lowest Sample Frequency of PGC Demodulation Method for Interferential Fiber-Optic Sensor
Yabin Zhang, Zheng Dou, Yong Wang and Jianian Cao
Optical Sensing Characteristics in a Transparent Al-Doped Zinc Oxide-Gated Al0.2Ga0.8As/In0.2Ga0.8As High Electron Mobility Transistor
Ching-Sung Lee, Bo-Yi Chou, Wei-Chou Hsu, Sheng-Yuan Chu, Der-Yu Lin, Chiu-Sheng Ho, Yin-Lai Lai, Shen-Han Yang and Wei-Ting Chien
A New Solar Concentrator Based on One-Dimensional Grating
Guohua Liu, Xuechang Ren, Canhui Wang, Xiaoyun Chen and Jianzhong Li
Liquid Crystal Based Tunable Fiber Polarizer for Pressure Sensing
Yun Zhao, Jing Feng, Su-shan Li, Xiao-wen Lin, Fei Xu and Yan-qing Lu
Study on Area Estimation of Small Water Using MODIS Data
Jun Huang and Xin-zhi Zhou
Analysis of the Influence of External Refractive Index on Long-Period Fiber Grating Coupler
Shuihai Peng, Xiaojun Zhou, Chengjin Chen, Dong Liu and Yong Liu
Influence of Temperature and Vacuum on Nano-Diamond Filed Emission
Yanning Yang, Zhiyong Zhang, Jiangni Yun, Yanning Yang, Weihu Zhang and Fuchun Zhang
Remote Detection of Alcohol Concentration in Vehicle Based on TDLAS
Jie Shao, Qian-jin Tang, Cheng Cheng, Zhen-yu Li and Yi-xuan Wu
Design of Light Guide Plate Using White Light Emitting Diode for Direct Illumination of Liquid Crystal Display
He Zhang, Jun Zhu, Qunqing Li and Qiaofeng Tan
Efficiency Improvement of Organic Solar Cell with Metal Anode by Using Wet Oxidation
Chiu-Sheng Ho, Wei-Chou Hsu, Ke-Hsin Hsiao, Ching-Sung Lee, Cheng-Yung Lin, Ying-Nan Lai, Po-Yi Chou and An-Yung Kao
Carbon Nanotubes Flat Panel Displayer Fabricated and Its High Voltage Drive Circuits Designed
Shoucai Yuan, Shouhuai Yuan, Yingfang Hong and Changchun Zhu
Size-Independent Growth of GaAs Nanowires
Xian Ye, Hui Huang, Jingwei Guo, Xiaomin Ren, Yongqing Huang and Qi Wang
Q-Point Stabilization of Optical Fabry-Perot Interferometric Sensor
Jianyong Chen, Zhizong Wu and Yixuan Wu
Vehicle Type Measurement Using a Laser Distance Sensor with High Pulse Repetition and Accuracy
Qianjin Tang, Jie Shao, Jianyong Chen and Zhizong Wu
Seismic Exploration with VCSEL Based on Doppler Self-Mixing Effect
Shao Lei, Zhu Bo, Fenglian Liu and Hongli Liu
Projectile Location Measurement System Based on Photo-Electric Conversion Technique
GuoBin Sun, Feng Han and HongJun Wang
Research on Measurement of Spectral Radiance for (2301700)nm Transient Radiation Source
Hongguang Li, Baoning Wu, Hongru Yang, Bing Yu, Qingyan Yin, Feng Cao, Lei Wu and Liang Yuan
High Speed Schlieren Visualization on Explosion Flame Microstructure and Propagation Behavior
Xianfeng Chen, Ming Chen, Xiaolei Song, Yujie Wang, Shaofeng Ren and Yin Zhang
On Signals Attenuation of QPS Based on Satellites in Atmosphere Channel
Zheng-wen Cao, Zhao-yang Dai, Ping Xu and Rui Luo
Narrow Band Gap InSbN Films Fabricated by Two-Step Ion-Implantation for Long Wavelength Infrared Photodetection
X. Z. Chen, D. H. Zhang, W. Liu, Y. Wang, Y. J. Jin, Sam S. Y. Zhang and J. H. Li
Linear and Nonlinear Optical Properties of an Organic Polymer Composite Film
Jingwei Chen, Quan Ren, Hongliang Yang, Qiang Sun, Xinqiang Wang and Heliang Fan
First-Principles Study of Structural and Electronic Properties of GaNxAs1-X Alloys
Wei Shu, Xia Zhang, Qi Wang, Yongqing Huang and Xiaomin Ren
The Overvoltage LSA Relaxation Mode Study in Photoconductive Semiconductor Switch
Xiangrong Ma, Wei Shi, Weili Ji and Hong Xue
Studying on the Preparation and Characteristics of Al2O3Based Textured ZnO Thin Films
Yue-hui Hu, Yao-jiang Xie, Ming-hao Qu, Li-fu Wang and Hai-jun Xu
Double-Point Optical Fiber Detection System of Two-Welding Torch Counterguard Automation Welding Machine
Jinggang Yi, Yazhou Xing and Zheyi Yi
Qualitative Determination of the Components of Textile Products Using near Infrared Spectroscopy
Dongmin Wang, Furong Huang, HuaCai Chen, Shangzhong Jin and Xingdan Chen
A Technology Based on State of Polarization for Detecting the Status of Optical Fiber and Optical Cable
Kaixian Liu
Liquid-Based Variable Photonic Devices
Hongwen Ren and Shin-Tson Wu
Effect of Carrier Gas on Crystal Quality of Thick HVPE-GaN Films
Ru Wang, Yongkuan Xu, Ruixia Yang, Wei Wei, Junling Zhang and Qiang Li
Luminescent Properties of Ba3MgSi2-XAlxO8: Eu?+, Mn?+ Phosphor for White LED
Changyu Shen, Ke Li, Qianglong Hou and Shangzhong Jin
Simultaneous Optimization of SG Smoothing Parameters and PLS Factor Was Applied to NIRS Analysis of Soil Organic Matter
Huazhou Chen, Tao Pan, Jiemei Chen, Jun Xie, Shuyi Li and Fangbai Li
A Compact SMS Refractometer Based on HF Corrosion Scheme
Jianzhong Zhang and Shijun Peng
Room Temperature Ultraviolet Electroluminescence from ZnO Based Homojunction Device
Yingmin Luo and Jiming Bian
Online Monitoring and Portable Analytical System with CMOS Sensor and Microfluidic Technology for Cell Cultivation Applications
XiangLiang Jin, Zhibi Liu, Tingjie Li, Qiuquan Guo and Jun Yang
Luminescence Properties of Oxidized Si-rich Amorphous Silicon Nitride Films
Rui Huang, X. Wang, J. Song, Y. Q. Guo, D. Q. Wang, H. P. Dong, K. J. Chen and J. Xu
Analysis and Design of a New Type Polymer Modulator Based on Asymmetric Mach-Zehnder Structure
Yue Wen, Xiaoxia Zhang, Huadong Liu and Sizhan Liu
Reflective Tilted Fiber Bragg Grating Refractometer by Interacting with Multimode Fiber
Yongxing Jin, Yu Zhao, Jianfeng Wang, Xinyong Dong and Huaping Gong
White-Light Interferometric Fiber Optic Liquid Level Sensor Based on MEMS Fabry-Perot Cavity
Jiang-hai Zhao, Lin-sen Xu, Min-zhou Luo, Jiang-hai Zhao, Lin-sen Xu, Min-zhou Luo and Jiali Hua
Nonlinear Couplers Using Long-Range Surface Plasmon Polariton Waveguides
Yuee Li, Pengfei Cao, Lin Chen and Xiaoping Zhang
Temperature-Independent Fiber Bragg Grating Tilt Sensor
Kai Ni, Xinyong Dong, Yongxing Jin and Haisong Xu
Highly Sensitive Intensity Sensor Based on Interference between Coupled Microring Resonators
Huaxiang Yi, Zhiping Zhou and D. S. Citrin
Wavelength Sampling and Quantizing Optical ADC Based on Long-Period Waveguide Grating Filter
Qianshu Zhang, Yong Liu, Shangjian Zhang, Heping Li and Yongzhi Liu
An Interesting Characteristic of Designing n-fold SOI-MMI Splitter
Keh-Yi Lee
Study on Wavelength-Tunable Photodetector with Surface Plasma Wave Excitation Filter
Yufeng Shang, Yongqing Huang, Xiaofeng Duan, Xian Ye, Hui Huang, Shiwei Cai, Qi Wang and Xiaomin Ren
Study on a Fiber Optic Sensor for CH4 in Mine
Minming Tong, Jieru Niu, Jifei Hao and Cunliang Jia
The Functionalization and Potential Applications of Graphene
Wei Yu, Huaqing Xie, Lifei Chen and Yang Li
Growth and Visible Photoluminescence Properties from Gold Silicide Nanoparticles
Lijuan Huang, Lei Wang and Jun Du
Electrons and Holes Charging Current Peaks in Silicon Nanocrystals within SiO2 Layers Fabricated by Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition
X. Wang, R. Huang, J. Song, Y. Q. Guo, K. J. Chen and W. Li
The Study of Various Dammann Grating
Hua Zou, Wei Hua Zhu, Jiang Feng Gong, Kai Xiao Zhang and Hai Yan Xie
Optimization and Analysis of Diffraction Spectrum of Holographic Variable Line Space Plane Grating
Jun Lou, Yanping Luo, Haiting Zhang, Yueming Liu and Weijian Tian
The Tolerance of Radius of Defected Cylinder within Periodic Dielectric Waveguide
Keh-Yi Lee
Thermal Analysis and Design of High-Power LED Street Light
Kai Yang, Yuqing Chen, Bin Lin and Jidong Song
D-Shaped Optical Fiber Microwire Devices
Jun-long Kou, Zhang-di Huang, Fei Xu and Yan-qing Lu
Study on the Gasoline Classification Methods Based on near Infrared Spectroscopy
Jun Zhang, Li Jiang, Qian Yu and Zhe Chen
Design of a 12-Channal 120-Gb/s Optical Receiver Front-End Amplifier in 0.18-®¨m CMOS Technology
Zhiqun Li, Lili Chen and Zhigong Wang
A 10-Gb/s Inductorless CMOS Limiting Amplifier for Optic-Fiber Transmission System
Lili Chen, Zhiqun Li and Zhigong Wang
High Density of Si Nanocrystals Fabricated in a VHFPECVD System for Light-Emitting Devices
Y. Q. Guo, J. Song, R. Huang and X. Wang
Theoretical Study on the Cross Sensitivity of Fiber Bragg Grating Sensor Affected by Temperature and Transverse Pressure
Ming-fu Zhao, Shao-fei Wang, Bin-bin Luo, Nian-bing Zhong and Xue-mei Cao
Influence of Polarization Direction on Polarization States Distribution of Polarization Encoder
Muchun Zhou, Yanru Chen, Qi Zhao and Yu Xin
Research of Distributed Optical Fiber Temperature Sensor (DTS) System with Optical Switch
Jianfeng Wang, Yongxing Jin, Zaixuan Zhang, Changyu Shen and Yanqing Qiu
Optimization for Photoelectric Joint Transform Correlator Recognition
Liang Nie and Mengmeng Hu
Polarization Properties of Metal-Dielectric Composite Subwavelength Gratings on GaN Substrate
Guiju Zhang, Bing Cao, Chinhua Wang, Qin Han, Jiangfeng Wang and Ke Xu
Other Related Topics
Calculation of the Concentrated Flux Density Distribution in Parabolic Trough Solar Concentrators by Monte Carlo Ray-Trace Method
Bin Yang, Jun Zhao, Tao Xu and Qiang Zhu
Complex-Assisted Hydrothermal Synthesis and Optical Properties of CuO Nanorods
LuPing Zhu, LingLing Wang, HongYong Xie, GuiHong Liao, HongMei Xiao and Yang Yang
Multiplexed Fiber Bragg Gratings as a Substance Sensor
Ping Lu, Qiying Chen and Liqiu Men
Optical Biosensing with Spectroscopic Techniques
Liqiu Men and Qiying Chen
On Selecting the Locations of 60MW Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Power Plant
Zhong Yang and Sumei Gao
Study of Measuring Tapered Fiber Diameter with Light Intensity Extreme Method
Hong Liang and Jianhua Shi
Non-Destructive Determination of the Quality Components in Fresh Pork Meat Using near Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy
Bo Cai, Huacai Chen, Yongjun Zhang and Jiaxin Jiang
Post Engineering the Efficiency in a Three-Port Add/Drop Filter Based on a Triangular Lattice Air-Hole PhC Platform
M. H. Bitarafan, M. K. Moravvej Farshi, M. Ebnali-Heidari and P. Rafiee
Autostereoscopic Three Dimensional Display Based on Two Parallax Barriers
Jiang-Yong Luo, Qiong-Hua Wang, Wu-Xiang Zhao, Yu-Hong Tao and Da-Hai Li

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