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Proceeding Information

Laser Technology and Applications
Simulation of the Diffraction Propagation of the Output Beam of Laser Expanding System
Yan-zhong Zhao and Hua-yan Sun
Synchronization Characteristics of Feedback-Induced Chaos in Strongly Injection-Locked Semiconductor Lasers
Xiao-Dong Lin, Zheng-Mao Wu, Jian-Guo Chen and Guang-Qiong Xia
Analysis of Silicon Ion-Implanted Nd:YVO4 as a Waveguide Laser Medium Operating at 1.06 ?m
Guolong Du, Guiqiu Li, Shengzhi Zhao, Jing An, Ming Li, Jian Liang, Tao Li and Wei Wang
Measurement of Speckle Size in Laser Display
Tiejia Wu, Shaowei Chu, Mi Zhou, Yong Bi, Bin Wang, Hua Cheng, Yanwei Wang, Shipeng Yan, Chengwei Ye, Mingyong Zhang and Shujun Wang
Manipulating Overlapping of Bangap in One-Dimensional Complex Photonic Crystal Composed of Anisotropic Material
Yanling Han, Hong Wang and Liping Yu
Supersolid Behavior of Nonlinear Light
Yuan Xu and Shu-pian Tang
Collinear Phase-Matching Loci of KTP Crystal in Three-Wave Interactions
Tao Shen, Jin Jer Huang, Chang Long Tan, Guang J¨¹ Ji and Bo Zhao
Various Polygonal Semiconductor Lasers
Hee-Jong Moon
The Investigation on Spectrum Properties of Laser-Induced Bubble Sound Waves
S. Y. Li, J. Wu, X. C. Ai, Q. H. Zhu, X. F. Ruan, Z. H. Shen and X. W. Ni
Nonlinear Optical Property of Aligned Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotube Film
Tiejun Zhang, Zexiang Chen and Bo Tang
Focal Depth of an Apodized Focusing Optical System
Xiumin Gao, Jinsong Li and Songlin Zhuang
Effect of the Bloch-Siegert Shift in a Strongly Driven Transition: High-Order Autler-Townes Doublets
Lijun Yang, Min Zhao, Lianshui Zhang and Xiaomin Feng
Incoherently Coupled Soliton Families in Media with Generalized Nonlinearity
Hongcheng Wang, Xiduo Hu and Dehai Zhu
Gradient Force Pattern of Gaussian Beam with Helico-Conical Phase Fronts
Jinsong Li and Xiumin Gao
Extreme Value Characteristic of Dispersion Period Lengths on Dispersion Management Soliton in TIRPCF under Compton Scattering
Yao-fu Heng, Xiao-fei Hao and Dong-shan Hao
Research on Super-Gaussian Theory of the Thermal Effect in a Side-Pumped Nd:YVO4 Laser Crystal
Yawen Ling and Wen Chen
New Irradiation Damage Mechanism of Nonlinear Optical Materials under High-Energy Charged Particles
Jianping Shi, Shurong Yang, Kexiu Dong, Songling Wen and Xunan Chen
Carbon Monoxide Gas Sensor Based on Cavity Enhanced Absorption Spectroscopy and Harmonic Detection
Jingchao Zhang, Suxia Cao and Lijun Guan
Young's Modulus Detection for the Low-k Film by Laser-Generated SAWs
Ya-liang Liu, Xia Xiao, Xing-meng Shan and Shao-chen Fu
Theoretical Study on Influence of Laser Pulse Shape on Characteristics of Acoustics Thermoelastically Induced by CO2 Pulsed Laser in Water
Qingming Chen, Zuhai Cheng and Haihong Zhu
Thermal Analysis of Rectangular Nd:YVO4 Crystal DoubleSide-Pumped by LD
Wen Chen, Peng Shi, Zhongwen Hua, Long Li and Ansheng Gan
The Gain Characters and Optimization of the Double-Pass Two-Stage Ytterbium-Doped Fiber Amplifier
Yan Liu, Yuanyuan Zhang, Yanshan Xiao and Yutian Lu
A Low-Cost and Big View Field X-Ray Intensifier
Jiang-tao Fu, Wei Liu and Chun-yang Zhang
Semianalytical Thermal Analysis on Circular Microchip Laser with Back Cooling
Peng Shi, Jinping Li, Wen Chen, Long Li and Ansheng Gan
Novel Optical Coupling System Coupling LDA with Micro-Cylindrical Lens Arrays for Solid Lasers
Hua Qin
Modeling of Efficiency and Uniformity of Different Pumping Structures of Slab Lasers
Junyan Hou and Yuefeng Wang
Q-Switching Yb:YAG Laser and Intracavity SHG
Yanbin Men, Li Wang, Peng Zhang, Jinrong Tian, Xinping Zhang and Fang Wen
Analysis on Thermal Management of High Power Diode-Pumped Lasers
Yan-qiu Du
Influence of Laser Distribution on the Thermal Effect of YVO4-Nd:YVO4 Composite Crystals
Yang-Bin Xu, Jin-Bo Hao, Peng Shi and Ya-Wen Ling
Structural and Magnetic Properties of N Doped ZnMnO Film
Wei Yu, Shujie Wu, Li Zhang, Kun Zhang, Huixia Gao, Linghai Meng and Guangsheng Fu
Research on Minitype Pulsed Power Supply Circuit of LD Based on the Target Identification
Bin Zhang, Na Zhang, Yunbo Shi and Jun Liu
Self-Heating Effects in a Gain-Guided Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Laser
K. Kumarajah, M. Ismail, P. S. Menon, S. Shaari and B. Y. Majlis
Practical Nonorthogonal Decoy State Quantum Key Distribution with a Heralded Single Photon Source
Yuanyuan Zhou, Xuejun Zhou, Jun Gao and Hua Jiang
Study of Security for Chaotic Communication System Based on Semiconductor Lasers
Huijie Liu and Jiuchao Feng
Reliability of High Power QCW-AlGaAs/GaAs 808nm cm-Bars
Guoguang Lu, Yun Huang, Yunfei En, Shaohua Yang and Zhifeng Lei
Study of Fabricated System Based on Nanosecond Pulse Laser
Fengming Sun, Xing Fu, Zhiyuan Zhou, Yong Wu and Chunyang Liu
Multi-Stability in Dual-Fiber Optical Trap
Jing Chen, Huizhu Hu and Yu Shen
Wide Wavelength-Tunable and Low-Threshold Near-Infrared Optical Parametric Oscillator Using Periodically Poled MgO: LiNbO3 Crystal
Jianghong Yao, Jie Li, Shuanggen Zhang, Zhiwei Liu, Guangyin Zhang and Jingjun Xu
Laser and Plasma Nitriding of Titanium in the Atmosphere Environment
Hanjiang Yu and Fengjiu Sun
Excimer Laser Microstructuring of Amorphous Silicon Films for Electron Field Emission Applications
Y. Fan, M. J. Rose, S. K. Persheyev and M. Z. Shaikh
Technology Research on Metal Powder Select Laser Sintering Based on Near Infrared Laser Diode
Qiaomei Ma and Zhongjin Xue
Filter of LIDAR Data Based on Multi-Resolution and Directional Elevation Tolerance
Xiaoming Zhou, Qiuhe Ma, Ersen Li and Dejin Tang
Preparation of Surface-Modified Nanozirconia and Its Application in CTP Plates
Wen Chen, Peng Shi, Yinhe Liu and Cunlin Zhang
Production of Pseudo-Bessel Beam with Uniform Axial Intensity
Yanzhong Yu and Wenbin Dou
The Analysis of Photoresist¡¯s Absorption Spectrum by THz-TDS
Xueguang Wang and Liying Lang
Multiple Waveguides Fabricated Simultaneously by Femtosecond Laser Pulses Inside Fused Silica Glasses Using a Multiple Foci Approach
Hongyun Chen, Yanling Han, Anshou Zheng and Xianfeng Chen
A New Design of The Laser-Micro Jet System
Yang Shen, Yuan Qing Huang, Rui Fang Ye, SiQi Ding, Lei Wang, Chun Lin and Yi Gu
Laser Heat Treatment Analysis of 40Cr Steel for High Speed Spindle
Qiang He, HongZhao Liu, Jun Ye and QingPo Niu
Five-Frame Phase-Shifting Algorithm Based on the Immunity to Phase-Shifting Error
Fei Zhang, Bing Li, Zhuangde Jiang and Zhaomin Wang
The Substance of the Laser
Li wei Wang
Study on Setting Depth Farming System Based on Laser Technology
Zehe Wang, Min Liu, Jinggang Yi, Yazhou Xing and Jiangtao Liu
Measurement on the Performance of the CO2 Laser Applied to Dynamic Calibration of Surface Temperature Sensor
Lina Hao, Xiaojian Hao, Hanchang Zhou and Liang Huang
Measuring the Water Temperature via Two-Band Planer Laser Induced Fluorescence
Chunyan Xu and Xiaoshu Cai
Microwave-Assisted Synthesis and Crystal Structure of 3',3Benzylidene-Bis-4-Hydroxycoumarin
Sheying Dong, Penghui Zhang and Jing Li
A Simplified Algorithm to the Atmospheric Transmittance
Shan Chen and Ji-yin Sun
MR Image De-Noising Study Based Multiwavelet
Lingyuan Li, Yan-hua Zhang and Zheng-qiang Wang
SAW Sensors for Nerve Agents Detection
Yadong Jiang, Jia Hu, Xiaosong Du, Guangzhong Xie and Ping Sun
Application of Mamdani Fuzzy System Amendment on Load Forecasting Model
Kuihe Yang and Lingling Zhao
Application of Vowel Recognition Model Based on Improved SVM Algorithm
Lingling Zhao and Kuihe Yang
Effects of Kochia scoparia Extracts to Activities of Several Enzymes of Tetranychus viennensis
You-Nian Wang, Yong-Sheng Jin, Guang-Lu Shi, Chun-ya Bu, Lei Zhao, Juan Du, Yu-Bo Liu and Li-Lin Zhao
Effects of the Root Extracts of Stellera Chamaejasmel L. on the Activity of Two Enzymies of Tetranychus cinnabarinus
You-Nian Wang, Yong-Sheng Jin, Guang-Lu Shi, Chun-ya Bu, Lei Zhao, Juan Du and Yu-Bo Liu
Realization of Catmull-Clark Subdivision Algorithm Based on Guadrilateral Network
Junqing Yang, Min Zhou, Jinhuan Wen and Hongwei She
Acaricidal Mechanism of Stellera chamaejasme Extracts Against Tetranychus cinnabarinus at Subcellular Level
You-Nian Wang, Guang-Lu Shi, Chun-ya Bu, Lei Zhao, Juan Du and Yu-Bo Liu
Research on Thermal Cracking of Waste Deinking Agent for Pulping Wastewater Treatment
Qing-zhi Ma, Xu Zhang, Dang-quan Zhang, Zhong-feng Zhong and Qi-mei Liu
Study on Energy Saving of Pinus massoniana Wood Carbonization Process Based on Moisture Absorption Characteristics
Xu Zhang, Zhong-feng Zhang, Ji-juan Zhang, He-peng Deng and Quing-zhi Ma
Py-GC/MS Analysis on Bio-Energy Sources of Acetic Ether Extractives of Eucalyptus camaldulensis Wood
Wan-xi Peng, Yi-qiang Wu, Hong-chen Qi, He-ping Deng and Xu Zhang
Generation for Entangled Squeezed Coherent States of Two Cavity Modes
Li-Xin Xia and Guo-xin Xiong
Simulation Design of Inverter in Solar Photovoltaic System Based on MCU
Hai-feng Zhou, Zhi-long Xu, Zhong-hua Lin, Rong-jie Wang, Jing-de Dong and Yuan-qing Huang
Control Simulation of Charge and Discharge in the Solar Photovoltaic Power Generation System
Hai-feng Zhou, Zhi-long Xu, Zhong-hua Lin, Rong-jie Wang, Jing-de Dong and Yuan-qing Huang
Annealing of the Induced Birefringence by UV and IR Lasers in Fiber Bragg Gratings
Ping Lu, Stephen J. Mihailov and Dan Grobnic
Optical Communication and Sensors
Supermodes Analysis for Linearly Distributed Multicore Fiber
Chunying Guan and Libo Yuan
Study on the Purification of Lignincellose Fiber from Eucalyptus camaldulensis Wood
Hong-chen Qi, Wan-xi Peng, Yi-quiang Wu, Zhong-feng Zhang and Xu Zhang
Loss Analysis of Arbitrary-Bending Mono-Mode Fiber
Binzhao Cao, Yuan Zhang and Jian Sun
Optimal Design of Flattened Gain Spectrum of Raman Amplifiers Based on Photonic Crystal Fibers
Jianhua Chang, Tingting Wang and Zaihong Tao
Hi-Precision Fiber Delay Line Based on Magneto-Optic Switch
Shuangjin Shi, Qi Qiu, Zhicheng Qiu, Jun Su and Yun Liao
Study of Jones Matrix of The Birefringent Crystal
Gui-hua Zhang and Ya-min Wang
Investigate on the Feasibility of Introducing Dopants with High Phonon Energy into Tellurite Host to Enhance 1.5?m Emission Efficiency
Yan-min Yang, Zhi-Ping Yang and Bao-jiu Chen
40-Gb/s, 0.18-?m CMOS Front-End Amplifier for VSR Parallel Optical Receiver
Zhiqun Li, Zhaofeng Xue, Lili Chen, Zhigong Wang and Jun Feng
A Novel Wavelength Assignment Algorithm for Distributed Optical Networks
Jianping Wang, Shijun Qiao and Qiwu Wu
Design and Implementation of Board-to-Board Optical Interconnect Protocol
Jin Hu, Yaguang Yang, Zhikun Zhang, Yimin Zhao and Ping Lin
Application of Quantum Seal Theory on Quantum Repeaters
Guang Ping He
Optimal Utilization with Fairness and Priority Considerations in Optical Networks Based on Light Trail
Zichun Le, Bisheng Quan, Ming Zhang, Arun K. Somani, David W. Lastine and K. Balakrishnan
Clock Recovery and Demultiplexing for 80Gbit/S OTDM System
Ming Chen, Tao-rong Gong, Dan Lu, Bo Lv, Tang-jun Li and Shui-sheng Jian
The Numerical Simulation of Two Kinds of Sample Fiber Gratings Dispersion Compensator
Xianjie Feng and Cuimei Li
A Topology Aggregation Algorithm Based on Asymmetric Multi-Domain Optical Network
Jianping Wang, Chaoping Pan and Qiwu Wu
High Speed Concatenated Code Codec for Optical Communication Systems
Liang Zhang, Zhigong Wang, Qingsheng Hu and Jun Zhang
A 10-Gb/s, 95-dB¦¸, 20-mW Optical Receiver Front-End in 0.13-?m CMOS Technology
W. S. Oh, K. Park, K. W. Min, Y. M. Im and Y. S. Lee
A Novel OCDMA Thresholder Based on Nonlinear Polarization Rotation
Xuezhi Hong, Changjian Guo, Ying Gao and Sailing He
Improved PSO Algorithm to Solve Restoration Capacity Problem on ASON
Xu Jun and HuiYou Chang
WDM-PON Using ASK Modulation with Polarization Multiplexing
Li Tan, Jie Liu, Xuezhi Hong and Biao Chen
OFDMA System with Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation in Passive Optical Networks
Zhihua Zheng, Zongjue Qian, Guochu Shou and Yihong Hu
An Improved Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation Algorithm for GPON
Yang Liu, Guoping Zhang and Qing Li
Wavelength Remodulation by Optical Frequency-Shift Keying in WDM-PON
Song Chen, Jie Liu and Biao Chen
Signal Processing on Brillouin Scattering Based Distributed Fiber Sensors
Shang-hui Xiao and Li Li
Matched FBG Application Research on Dynamic Sensing and Demodulation
Jian Zhang and Hong Zhao
Highly Sensitive Ni-Cu Duplex Metal Coated Fiber Bragg Grating Temperature Sensor
Yan Feng, Hua Zhang, Yu-Long Li and Gang Peng
FBG Sensor Demodulated by Multimode Interference of Multimode Fiber
Jianzhong Zhang, Minglei Guo, Qilin Gao, Weimin Sun, Libo Yuan, Kaijun Wang, Wencai Jing and G. D. Peng
Optical Fiber Hydrogen Sensors with Pd/WO3 Composite Thin Film by Magnetron Co-Sputtering
Minghong Yang, Yan Sun, Dongsheng Zhang and Desheng Jiang
The Study of Refractive Index Measurement Based on the Self-Mixing Interference in Laser Diode
Ting-ting Wang and Jian-hua Chang
Design of Power Management System Based on Wireless Sensor Node
Qinghua Zhao, Hongyan Li, Hua Li and Huakui Wang
Back-Reflection Model in Resonator Fiber-Optic Gyro
Xulin Zhang, Ping Xu and Haixuan Huang
Study on High Voltage Parameters Online Measurement Technology Based on Sealed Photoelectric Sensor System
Mingfa Yang and Peiming Zhang
Novel Optical Fiber Magnetic Sensor Based on Magnetic Fluid
Tao Hu, Zhiwei Lv, Yong Zhao, Xing Li and Jingjing Chen
Fiber Bragg Grating Sensor with a Simple Demodulation Method
Tao Hu, Zhiwei Lv, Yong Zhao, Xinyuan Zhang and Bo Yuan
Study on the Spatial Division Multiplexing Technique of Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors
Li Li, Hong He and Yuchi Lin
An Improved Wavelength Detection System for Fiber Grating Sensors Based on LabVIEW
Yanqun Wu and Yongming Hu
The Photo-Electric Interaction in New Soft Optical-Electric Materials¡ªIonic Liquids
Xiaodong Hu, Jianxin Li, Xiaoping Zhang, Shiguo Zhang and Youquan Deng
A Novel Electronic Current Transformer
Feng Pan, Yan Xu, Xia Xiao and Shiyan Ren
Structural Large Strain Monitoring Based on FBG Sensor
Sheng Li and De-sheng Jiang
Simulation of Single Mode Nanowires for Ambient Refractive Index Sensing
Pinghui Wu, Chenghua Sui and Biqing Ye
A Novel Optical Analysis Method for the Focal Length of Muti-Core Image Fiber
Zhigang Yang, Xiaotao Li, Guan Xu, Xuefeng Li, Jian Su, Toshitsugu Ueda and Jianfang Liu
Highly Sensitive Porous Silicon Membrane Waveguide Sensor Using Ultra-High Order Mode
Guoguang Rong
A Novel Packaging Method of Optic Fiber Collimator Based on Phase Detection
Ping Zhong, Chen-jie Song, Nian Luo and Ying Cuei
A Novel Fiber Bragg Grating Sensor with Temperature Compensation
Yuchi Lin and Wei Wang
Influence of Temperature and Stress Field on Optical Voltage Sensor
Xia Xiao, Yan Xu, Ken Xu and Miao-yuan Ye
The Compensation of the Fiber-Optic Probe¡¯s Spectrum Attenuation with the Fourier Transform
Xianjiang Meng and Xianli Meng
Two-Dimensional Photonic Crystal Channel Filter Based on Ring Resonator
Yu Zheng, Shuping Li and Junyong Kang
Filtering Characteristics of Coated Phase Shifted Long-Period Fiber Grating
Zhengtian Gu, Jiangtao Zhang and Xiaoyun Zhao
Research on Dispersion Compensating Property and Nonlinear Coefficient of Photonic Crystal Fiber
Qianghua Li, Chunxiang Liu, Hua Li and Tailong Sun
Study on Capability of 1.06um Laser Warning System Based on Laser Off-Axis Detection
Yu-dan Chen, Fu Sun, Jian-si Chen and Jun-yan Pu
Study of Staggered Fusion Imaging Principle of CMOS Image Sensor
Yong-hong Yan and Chun-sheng Qin
A Novel Self-Correction Differential Active Pixel Sensor
Guo-Liang Zhang, Yun Zeng, Hai-Qing Xie and Tai-Hong Wang
Study on Process of Gas Discharging and Plasma Forming by Particle Simulation
Jing Wang and Malin Qu
Ocean Color Atmospheric Correction Method with Multi-Angles Data in Case II Waters
Zhiwu Ke, Yong Ma, Hongyuan Wang and Hao Wang
Investigation of Multiple-Channel Optical Filter Based on Fabry-Perot Structure for Broadband Multichannel Communication Systems
Jinrong Zhang, Yubin Guo and Jiayu Huo
Anti-Synchronization of Hyperchaotic Lorenz System and Liu System
Xue Rong Shi and Zuolei Wang
Velocity and Position Measurement for Projectile Using Double Optical Detectors and Reflectors
Jiyan Yu, Xiaoming Wang and Yongxin Li
Three-Dimensional Object Rotation-Invariant Recognition with Synthetic Discriminant Function
Jinbo Hao, Yangbin Xu and Manli Hu
An Textile Color Degradation Algorithm Based on Spatial Gray Domain
Hongjun Li and Danying Zuo
Directional Couplers Using V-Groove Plasma Waveguides
Yuee Li and Xiaoping Zhang
Metal-Insulator-Semiconductor BaTiO3 Humidity Sensor
Yingcai Wu and Zhengtian Gu
Routing and Wavelength Assignment Algorithm in Multi-Fiber WDM Optical Networks
Kaixian Liu
A Low-Cost Delay-Constrained Routing and Wavelength Assignment Algorithm in WDM Networks with Sparse Wavelength Conversions
Qiwu Wu, Xianwei Zhou, Jianping Wang, Zhizhong Yin and Lingzhi Jiang
Study on FBG Vibration Sensor
Qiuming Nan and Chengming Zou
Research on Avalanche Photodiode Based Photon Imaging System
Liju Yin, Qian Chen, Songfeng Kou and Jian Qin
Study on 1.3?m AlGaInAs High Power Broadband Super Luminescent Diode
Shan Jiang, Ning Zhou, Bin Yu, Xiaodong Huang and Shizhong Xie
Research on 3¡Á3 Coupler Based Demodulation for Fiber Optic Sensor
Yabin Zhang, Zheng Dou, Lei Yu, Yong Wang and Wenyan Liu
Improvement of Transmitting Laser Beam Quality by Using Two Deformable Mirrors
Xu-Hua Zhai, Hong-Tao Zhang, Hai-feng Xu and Wang-sheng Liu
Michelson Interferometer Signal Processing Based on Wavelet Transformation
Xizhao Lu, Zhenheng Lin, Yuanqing Huang and Zhenheng Lin
An Algorithm of Target Tracking and Detecting Synchronously Based on Inter-Frame Dual Match
Ledong Wang, Jiangan Wang, Dong Chen, Shanyong Liang and Mingfeng Wu
Study on Performance of Bit-Interleaved Coded M-PPM in Wireless Optical Communications
Wei Liu, Jiang-tao Fu and Chun-yang Zhang
Using Ansys for the Design of Permanent Magnetic Circuit of Magneto-Optical Isolator
Ping Huang and Zhi-Hong Wang
Study of Ultraviolet Mobile Ad Hoc Network
Peilin Yang, Xizheng Ke and Taifei Zhao
Optical Storage and Technologies
A New Local-Loop Particle Filter Based on the Artificial Fish Algorithm
Jian Yu, Xinyu Li and Guilan Luo
Mean Field Theory with Only a Few Transverse Fourier Components of EM Fields for Low-Frequency Two-Dimensional Photonic Bands
L. Chang, K.-C. Lee and G. Y. Wu
In-Plane Deformation Measurement by Subtraction Computer-Aided Speckle Interferometry
Jinping Fan, Yonglin Zhang and Xiaoxu Lv
Measuring Wavelength of Light Wave by Isochromatic Spectrum
F. M. Chen, J. P. Tian, Y. Wu, H. X. Yang and Z. M. Li
Collecting and Analyzing the Intensity Distribution of Diffraction by Computer
F. M. Chen, J. P. Tian, Y. Wu, H. X. Yang and Z. M. Li
A Novel Ternary Joint Transform Correlation Method for Target Recognition
Yuan Li, Xuemei Luo and Li-li Yang
Photodegradation of Gaseous Flowing Low-Concentration Toluene by TiO2 Loaded on Activated Carbon Fibers Felt
Wenxia Zhao, Zhipeng Bai, Ailing Ren, Bin Guo and Chunyan Pu
Study on Dissolving Rules of Nano Particles from E. camaldulensis Wood Flour
Wan-xi Peng, Hong-chen Qi, Yi-qiang Wu, Zhong-feng Zhang and Dang-quan Zhang
A 12-Channel Parallel 40Gb/s 0.35?m SiGe BiCMOS Laser Diode Driver
Feng Xie, Zhiqun Li and Zhigong Wang
Color Image Encryption and Decryption Based on Double Random Phase Encoding Technique
Jinping Fan and Yonglin Zhang
Discrete Chaotic Based 3D Image Encryption Scheme
Juan Li, Yong Feng and Xuqiang Yang
Parallel Interactive Ray-Space Rendering Approach and Implementation
He Wang, Guozhong Wang, Guowei Teng and Zhaoyang Zhang
Rate Control Algorithm for Multi-View Video Coding Based on Correlation Analysis
Tao Yan, Ping An, Liquan Shen, Qian Zhang and Zhaoyang Zhang
New Metric for Stereo Video Quality Assessment
Zhongjie Zhu, Yuer Wang, Yongqiang Bai and Qiaozhen Shi
Ultrasonic Material Crack Detection With Adaptive LMS-Based Wavelet Filter
Hanxin Chen and Ming J. Zuo
Design of Cursor Signal Acquisition Module in Full Automated Intelligent Gyroscope
Yuchi Lin, Guimei Dong, Li Feng and Mingchun Lin
A Measurement of Geometry Parameters in Large-Scale Pipes
Yali Guo, Yan Han and Linmao Liu
Autofocus Method for Digital Holographic Reconstruction of Microscopic Object
Huaying Wang, Aili Qin and Min Huang
Method for Measuring the Thickness of Photoresist on Spherical Surface
Chunhui Zhang, Yiyong Liang and Longjiang Chen
Design on Driving and Control System of Step Motor in the Laser Quality Analyzing System
Caixia Wang
Study on Dynamic Collimating and Detecting Method for Code-Bar Grade Rod
Qiuhong Huang, Zongming Qiu, Lin Li, Niannian Zhao and Jianxu Geng
Influence of Intermolecular Force on the Head-Disk Interface of HDD with High Recording Density
Jincai Chen, Gongye Zhou, Libang Zhang and Wei Sun
Tuning Magnetic Properties of Magnetic Recording Media Cobalt Ferrite Nano-Particles by Co-Precipitation Method
Chang Shu and Haoxue Qiao
Unitary Sensor of Blu-Ray and DVD Pickup Device
Wen-Shing Sun, Kun-Di Liu, Chih-Hsuan Tsuei, Yu-Fen Lu and Gou-Chung Chi
Measurement of the Angle and Displacement for the Optical Pickup Head of a Pigtailed Laser Diode
Wen-Shing Sun, Chih-Hsuan Tsuei, Ju-Yi Lee and Dung-Yi Hsieh
Data Distribution Strategy Research on One Self-Managing Storage System
Yude Wang and Changsheng Xie
Theoretical Investigation of Holography Time Constants in LiNbO3:Fe:Mn Crystals
Xiong Li and Zhuqing Jiang
Optoelectronic Devices and Integration
ZnO- and TiO2-Based Semiconductor Films Prepared by Plasma Enhanced CVD Without any Carrier Gas
Y. B. Lin, Y. M. Yang, X. W. Li and Z. G. Huang
Thermal Analysis of the Multi-Chip Vertical Packaged White LED
Guangchen Zhang, Shiwei Feng, Lu Wang, Chunsheng Guo, Xuesong Xie and Chenning Ge
A White LED Driver Based on Dual Mode Switch Dimming
Yuan Yang, Zhenghua Song and Yong Gao
Design of High-Stability Driver for White LED
Yinguo Huang, Yuchi Lin, Wei Wang and Guimei Dong
Simulating the Illuminance and Efficiency of Sunlight/LED Hybrid Illuminating System Used in Indoor Lighting Design
Chih-Hsuan Tsuei and Wen-Shing Sun
A Novel Green-Emitting Phosphor BaZnP2O7:Tb3+ for White LEDs and the Influence of Doping Ce3+
Zhi-Ping Yang and Xiao-Ning Li
A Novel Blue-Emitting Phosphor NaBaPO4:Eu2+ for White LEDs
Zhi-Ping Yang and Xiao-Ning Li
Simulation of Optical Characteristic for Multi-Active Region RCLEDs
Jun Ma and Jianjun Li
Research on Properties of the Inverted Index for Photodetector Barrier Layer Capacitance
Junli Wan, Shen Zheng, Shuifa Sun and Cheng Wan
Fabrication of Carbon Nanotubes Field Emission Backlight Unit Applied to LCD
Yun Ye, Tailiang Guo, Zhixian Lin and Xiuyun Chen
Design of Far-Infrared Interferometer at 10.6?m
Yongqian Wu, Yudong Zhang and Fan Wu
Low Operating Voltage and High Efficiency Vertical GaN Based LEDs
W. H. Liu, L. Shan, Y. Chang, T. Doan, C. Tran, C. Chu, C. Cheng, J. Chu, F. Fan and H. Cheng
Spectral Compression of Femtosecond Soliton in a Dispersion-Increasing Fiber
Rui Liang, Xiaojun Zhou, Zhiyao Zhang, Zujun Qin, Heping Li and Yong Liu
Optical Data Buffering Based on Stimulated-BrillouinScattering-Induced Acoustic Storage in an As2Se3 Fiber
Zhiyao Zhang, Xiaojun Zhou, Rui Liang, Zujun Qin and Yong Liu
Switching Performance of the Fundamental Soliton, Soliton, Gaussian Pulse and Super-Gaussian Pulse in an Optical Switching
Xiaomin Zeng and Wenfeng Wang
LiNbO3 Based S-Bend Waveguide Variable Optical Attenuator
Xihua Li, Qiang Zhou, Luquan Ge, Xiaoqing Jiang, Jianyi Yang and Minghua Wang
Electro-Optical Characteristic of Frequency Modulation in Nano Ag Doped PDLC
Tengfei Zhu, Binghui Tan, Xuefeng Pan, Weidong Tao and Jian Xu
A Polarization Insensitive Three-Dimensional Waveguide Interleaver
Kai Xin Chen, Hau Ping Chan and Wai Ying Chan
One-Dimensional Photonic Crystal Polarization Filter with Multiple Channels
Jianping Shi, Yuan Huang, Kexiu Dong, Songlin Wen and Xunan Chen
Photonic Crystal Heterostructure Composed of Triangular and Honeycomb Lattice
Chunying Guan, Dong Mao and Libo Yuan
Error Analysis of One-Dimensional Magneto-Photonic Crystals Used as Faraday Rotators
Yi Peng Wang, Deng Guo Zhang, Hui Zhou and Zheng Biao Ouyang
Optimal Design for the Optical Switch
Fu Zhao, Yanjue Gong, Li Zhang, Jianlong Lin and Ping Wang
Electro-Optical Property of Liquid Crystal Cell with Two Crossed-Grating Surface Substrates
Wenjiang Ye, Hongyu Xing, Zhidong Zhang, Yubao Sun and Guoying Chen
A Tunable Holographic Grating with Red-Sensitive Photopolymer and Polymer-Dispersed Liquid Crystal
Binghui Tan, Tengfei Zhu, Xuefeng Pan and Weidong Tao
Fabrication of Sub-Micron Surface Relief Gratings on the Azo-Polymer Films by a Low Zero-Order Diffraction Phase Mask
Xusheng Cheng, Wenxuan Wu, Yanhua Luo, Qijin Zhang and Bing Zhu
Density Control of ZnO Nanorod Arrays by a Solution-Based Growth with a Large Temperature Change for Field Electron Emission Application
Nishuang Liu, Guojia Fang, Wei Zeng, Nanhai Sun, Mingjun Wang and Xingzhong Zhao
Enhanced Fluorescence of Quantum Dots by Au Nanoparticles on Multi-Color Silica Spheres Labeled with Organic Dyes and Quantum Dots
Xian Zhang, Min Li, Xiao-Niu Peng and Li Zhou
Optimization and Analysis on Several Impact Factors of High-Gain Separate Absorption, Grading, Charge and Multiplication Avalanche Photodiodes
Dapeng Hu, Bin Xu, Xilin Zhou and Fangmin Guo
Electrical and Optical Properties of ZAO Thin Films Prepared by Sol-Gel Dip-Coating Method
Chang-Bin Shen, Hai-Feng Li, Jian-Feng Li and Yu-Zhi Xue
Phase Transformation in PZT Films Studied by Scanning Probe Microscopy
Z. H. Wang, Y. R. Li, P. Huang, H. Z. Zeng, Z. Q. Ren and M. G. Huang
Design of 3D Optical Network on Chip
Huaxi Gu and Jiang Xu
Tunable Band Structure in Magneto-Optic Layered Media
Yanling Han, Hong Wang and Liping Yu
Near-Field Optical Scanning Probe Based on Surface Plasmon Resonance
Kexiu Dong, Songling Wen, Shurong Yang and Jianping Shi
A New Subdivision Algorithm for Orthogonal Signals in Nanometric Interferometer
Haijiang Hu, Wenmei Hou, Jing Wang and Xiaoqian Qiu
Calibration of Optical Probe for CMM
Shugui Liu, Shaliang Tang and Chao Chen
Exploration on Mechanics Design for Scanning Tunneling Microscope
Xiangying Deng, Zhengya Dong, Xin Ma, Haihua Wu, Boyuan Wang and Xiaobo Du
Tunable Group Velocity of Light Propagation and Its Application
Yonglan Hou, Chao Peng, Lei Jia, Lixin Zhu and Zhengbin Li
Research on High Sensitivity Optical Fiber Interference Sensing Due to Slow Light
Yong Zhao, Huawei Zhao and He Huang
Investigation and Experiment of Dynamic Light Disturbance
Ming Liu, Yue Fan, Jian Ma and Baogang Zhang
Comparison of Two Error-Space Estimate Method for Space-Earth Optical Communication
Ming Cen, Daisheng Luo and Xingfa Liu
Remote Preparation of Photon Polarization State via Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen Channel
Jihang Ye, Daqing Wang and Yu Liu
Multimode Communication System Used in Local Area Network(LAN)
Kaikai Xu, David Cheng and Xingfa Huang
Synthesis of ZnO Microcrystals with Controllable Morphology by Microwave Reaction
Lifei Chen and Huaqing Xie
Modeling of Fine Tracking Sensor for Free Space Laser Communication Systems
Zhen Hu, Zhengxun Song, Shoufeng Tong, Zhao Xin, Hongfei Song and Huilin Jiang
The Application of Anode Material (ITAZO) and Hole Transportation Material (NiO) in Organic Solar Cell
Nanhai Sun, Guojia Fang, Hongbin Xiao, Jun Li, Qiao Zheng, Mingjun Wang, Nishuang Liu, Xingzhong Zhao, Jiwen Liu and David L. Carroll
Fabrication of Eu3+-Immersed in Porous Glass Microspheres and Fluorescent Characterizations
Jufang Tong, Aimei Liu, Hao Lv, Yun Wu, Xunong Yi and Qianguang Li
Persistent Photoconductivity in Undoped n-Type ZnO Thin Films
Li Zhang, Guangsheng Fu, Xiaoyun Teng, Wei Yu and Heju Xu
Growth and Characteristics Analysis of the Thermal Oxide Grown on Gallium Nitride
Jiangfeng Du, Jinxia Zhao, Qian Luo, Zhiwei Yu, Jianxin Xia and Mohua Yang
Preparation and Characterization of TiO2-Hybrid SiO2 Porous Film
Qiang Liu, Zhong-qi Zhu, Jin Zhang, Qing-ju Liu and Juan Chen
Silicon Carbide Thin Film Deposited at Low Temperature by DC Magnetron Sputtering and Its Field Emission Property
Yanjun Wei, Hanhong Qi and Weiyang Wu
Photo-BJMOSFET Based on SOI Film and Its Analytical Compact Model
Hai-Qing Xie, Yun Zeng, Jian-Ping Zeng, Guo-Liang Zhang and Tai-Hong Wang
Investigation on Microstructural and Raman Scattering Properties of N-Doped TiO2 Prepared by Sol-Gel Process
Zhicheng Zhong, Jiebo Hu, Yugang Zhan and Duanming Zhang
Comparative Study on the Optical Band Edge of ZnO Films with Different Measurement Techniques
Feng Li, Zhongquan Ma, Ling Shen and Bo He
Linear Birefringence and Linear Dichroism Coupled Optical Anisotropy of Magnetic Fluids by External Magnetic Fields
Shengli Pu, Min Dai, Guoqing Sun and Ming Liu
Photoluminescence of La-O+-Codoped Silicon-Based Thin-Film Materials
Meiling Yuan, Xinli Leng, Chenfa Li and Qingnian Wang
Fabrication and Optical Characterization of Silica Microspheres Having Europium Ions
Jufang Tong, Aimei Liu, Hao Lv, Yun Wu, Xunong Yi and Qianguang Li
Fabrication of Glass Microspheres Using the Powders Floating Method
Jufang Tong, Aimei Liu, Hao Lv, Yun Wu, Xunong Yi and Qianguang Li
In Situ Spectroscopic Ellipsometry Monitoring GaN Nucleation Layer Growth and Annealing Behavior in MOVPE
Bing Cao, Guiju Zhang and Qin Han
Optical Properties and Elemental Composition of Ta2O5 Thin Films
Peitao Guo, Yiyu Xue, Caihua Huang, Zhilin Xia, Guangyong Zhang and Zhiwei Fu
Influence of pH on the Stability Characteristics of Nanofluids
Jin Huang, Xianju Wang, Qiong Long, Xueyi Wen, Yunjin Zhou and Liming Li
The Analysis on the Optical Spectra Emitted from Two Glow-Discharge Light Devices at One Atmospheric Pressure
Xuechen Li, Na Zhao and Zhihui Liu
Study of a Novel ITO/AZO/SiO2/p-Si SIS Heterojunction
Bo He, QuanMa Zhong, Jing Xu, Lei Zhao, Feng Li, Cheng Shen, NanSheng Zhang, ZhengShan Yu and YanTing Yin
Advanced Wavelength Tunable Quantum Dot Lasers and Broadband Quantum Dot Superluminescent Diodes Obtained by Post-Growth Intermixing
Z. Y. Zhang
A Novel Violet and Blue Enhanced SINP Silicon Photovoltaic Device
Bo He, QuanMa Zhong, Xu Jing, Lei Zhao, Feng Li, Cheng Shen, NanSheng Zhang, ZhengShan Yu and YanTing Yin
Design of MacNeille Polarizing Beam Splitter
Guanliang Peng, Ruiquan Ye, Jiankun Yang, Shengli Chang and Juncai Yang
Mechanically Induced Long-Period Fiber Grating Couplers
Xiaojun Zhou, Chengjin Chen, Lan Lan, Zhiyao Zhang and Yong Liu
Influence of Annealing on Photoluminescence of ZnO:Mn Thin Films Grown by Sol-Gel Technique
Wei Yu, Zicai Zhang, Kun Zhang, Xiaoyun Teng, Shujie Wu, Li Zhang, Mingjing Chen and Guangsheng Fu
The Hardware System Design of Smart Color Mark Sensor
Yongcai Yang, Wenbo Cao and Rimin Pan
Simulation of Optoelectronic Devices from Coupled Two Photonic Hetrostructures
Mahi R. Singh
Medical and Biological Applications
Bait-and-Switch Molecular Recognition in Nucleic Acid Sensors: Time-Resolved Fluorescence, Single Nucleotide Polymorphism Detection
Mira K. Y. Nishimura, Colin D. McGuinness, David Keszenman-Pereyra, Paul Dickinson, Colin J. Campbell, Till T. Bachmann, Peter Ghazal and Jason Crain
Analysis of Plasma Fluorescence Spectra Mechanism
Shumei Gao, Jun Lu and Lixin Ge
Influence of NaCL Stress on Delayed Luminescence(DL) from Leaves
Hong-Mei Wang
Study on the Impact of Size Factor and Relative Refractive Index on the Asymmetry Factor
Ming Chen, Tian Yan and Yingchun Wu
Studies of Build Mathematics Model of Spatial Point and Plan Linear Programming of Radiotherapentic Dosage
Xiaosu Wu and Yindong Zhang
The Microscopic Image Registration Method Based on Parallel Logarithmic Subtraction Template Matching
Yan Deng, Lixin Tang and Lingsong He
Laser Multi-Spectral Polarimetric Diffuse-Scatter Imaging
Bian Hu, Yang Wang and Han Q. Le
Adsorption and Photodecomposition of Diphenolic Acid in ¦Á- or ¦Â- Cyclodextrins and TiO2 Suspensions
Li Guo, Beibei Wang, Wenyu Huang, Feng Wu and Yiming Li
Experimental Study on Using Unsaturated Light-Induced Delayed Fluorescence to Represent Plant Photosynthetic Capacity
Wenhai Xu and Ying Li
The Research of Ultra-Weak Luminescence during Plant Leaf Senescence
Guang Li, Xia Li and Zhanjuan Zhao
Crater Morphology and Thermal Injury of Bovine Shank Bone Ablated by Pulse CO2 Laser with Different Defocusing Conditions
Xianzeng Zhang, Zhenlin Zhan, Shusen Xie and Qing Ye
Effect of Different Power Parameters of Er,Cr:YSGG Laser on Dentin Ablation Ability and Substrate Morphology
Zhenlin Zhan, Xianzeng Zhang, Lili Yu, Shusen Xie, Qiming Peng and Shi Lin
Antibacterial Effect of Photodynamic Therapy on Prepared Tooth Structure Contaminated with Streptococcus mutans
Lei Sui, Pingting Wang, Rui Li and Changyi Li
Deconvolution Algorithm with LTI Wiener Filter in Photoacousic Tomography
Tao Lu and Huiyong Mao
Quantitative Calibration of Near-Infrared Spectra by Wavelet Packet Transform, Orthogonal Signal Correction and Information Entropy Theory
Dan Peng and Kexin Xu
SNP Genotyping by Gel-Immobilized RCA Product and Biolumometric Assay Coupled with Allele-Specific Primer Extension Reaction
Pengfeng Xiao, Jing Tang, Yanqiang Li, Yiming Xue, Feng Sun and Zuhong Lu
Detection of Ampicillin Residues with a Miniature Integrated Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensor
Zengfu Zhang, Jin Liu, Wanjie Zhang, Yang Su, Kexin Xu and Ting Shi
Study on the Biological Surface Using the Reflected Spectrum and Artificial Neural Network Technology
Xianjiang Meng and Tieqiang Zhang
Sensing Cellular Metabolite in Cell Colonies with RGB Color Test System
Jixian Gong, Zhijun Wu, Xueming Zhao, Sujuan Zhang and Mingxia He
Analysis on Volatiles of Temperature-Pressure Forming Materials by Cotton Stalk
Qing-ding Wu and Shi-long Xiang
Application of Femtosecond Laser in Biotechnology: Manipulation and Detection of Living Cells
Jixian Gong, Zhijun Wu, Xueming Zhao, Changlei Wang and Qirong Xing
An Improved Centroid Algorithm for a Surface Plasmon Resonance Bioanalyzer Using Microprocessors
Jiandong Hu and Xiangyang Zhao
Analysis on Microstructure of Polymers for Selective Separation of Naproxen Enantiomers
Nai-Ci Bing, Zhen Tian, Sheng-Wen Chen, Li-li Xie, Li-Jun Wang, Hao Yuan, Qing-Hua Li and Zhen-Liang Xu
Experimental Investigation on How Sampling Frequency Affects the Measured Stiffness of an Optical Trap
Yuxuan Ren, Mincheng Zhong, Jianguang Wu, Ziqiang Wang and Yinmei Li
Bioluminescence Imaging Based on Structure-Enhanced Image Restoration
Liming Tan and Binjie Qin
Spectrum Endoscope System
Peng Chen, Yawen Xiao and Tianyu Xie
Effect of Purification Methods on Micro/Nano Particles Leaching from Eucalyptus granlla Cell for Medicine
Qing-zhi Ma, Dang-quan Zhang, Xu Zhang, Zhong-feng Zhang and Hong-chen Qi
Study on Utilization Value of Pure Natural Medical Resources of Benzene/Ethanol Extractives of Chinese Fir Wood
Xu Zhang, Zhong-feng Zhang, Qing-zhi Ma, He-ping Deng and Ming-long Zhang
A CMOS Based Image Acquisition System for Electronic Endoscope
Bin Ye and Liqiang Wang
Trace Detection of Ampicillin and Influencing Factors Using an Optical Biosensor
Ting Shi, Jin Liu, Yang Su, Wanjie Zhang, Zengfu Zhang and Kexin Xu
Optical Biosensor for Sensitive and Fast Detection of Ampicillin Residues in Milk Samples
Zengfu Zhang, Jin Liu, Kexin Xu, Fuxiang Huang and Ting Shi
A Simultaneous Quantification Method of Thalassemia Screening Multiple Indicators Using FTIR/ATR Spectroscopy
Hao Yin, Tao Pan, Dengfei Liu, Xiaohuan Ren, Xiangcai Wei, Peiling Tian, Junyu Fang, Qingjian Zhang, Jiemei Chen and Renqiang Li
Application of Synthesized Quantum Dots for Cell Imaging
Hengyi Xu, Feng Xu, Yonghua Xiong, Cuixiang Wan, Jingfei Zhang, Hua Wei and Jiang Zhu
The Implement of Single Input Multiple Output Shift Register for Photon Correlator
Wei Liu, Jin Shen and Wengang Chen
Investigation of Breast Disease Early Diagnosis Using Spatial Near-Infrared Spectroscopy
Ancheng Xu and Jiabi Chen
Applications of Polarization Microscope in Determining the Physical Status of API in the Wet-Spinning Drug-Loaded Fibers
Deng-Guang Yu, Xia-Xia Shen, Xiao-Fei Zhang, Li-Min Zhu, Chris Branford-White and Kenneth White

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