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Hotel Information

East International Hotel
East International Hotel makes its debut as a Five Star class hotel which covers 100,000 square meters and is built as the first garden like hotel in Wuhan. There are landscape with colorful views of lakes and hills circling around the whole hotel. Besides, its professional management group will provide you the best quality of service for your business activities.
Address : No.19 South Eastlake Road,Wuchang,Wuhan,Hubei,P.R.China
Homepage :
Telephone: 86(27) 59718888
Facsimile: 86(27) 59718888

Traffic Information:
  1. Tian He Airport : 45km,90 minutes ride
  2. Wuchang Railway Station: 8km,20minutes ride
  3. Wuhan Railway Station:20km,40minutes ride
  4. Fujiapo Long Distance Bus Station:8km,20minutes ride
  5. Wuhan Botanical Garden:8km,20minutes ride
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Room Booking Information:
Rate: Standard Room RMB 368/ night (about USD 55/ night).
Rate: Single Room RMB 368/ night (about USD 55/ night).
The above price is available only for the conference attendees. If you want the organizing committee to help you reserve the room, please send an E-mail with the title "Room Booking" to and tell us your booking information including:
1. Your Paper ID (5 digits)
2. Room Booker
3. Telephone
4. The room style ( Standard Room or Single Room)
5. The date of check-in
6. The date of check-out
Please Note:
1. Keep your E-mail Contact unobstructed.
2. If you want to cancel your booking, please send E-mail to too.
3. Please send your booking information before April 30, 2011. Our confirmation reply is necessary to your reservation.

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