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Frequently Asked Questions
Question: What's the requirement of the paper format?

Please click on "Paper Submission" to download the template.

Question: Does the conference accept papers in Chinese?

No, it doesn't.The conference only accepts papers in English.

Question: What's the limit for page counts?

It is generally expected that a paper has no more than 4 pages. If a paper exceeds 4 pages, an extra fee will be charged. Except the best papers, most papers are strictly required to be no more than 6 pages.

Question: How many papers can be submitted by each account?

Each account could handle 3 papers at most.

Question: What's the discount policy

There is no discount whether you participate in the conference or not. Only if you are a member of IEEE or a student, you could get a discount of about 10%, or if you register(ed) for more than one paper at our conference.

Question: Could someone without papers attend the conference?

Yes, you are welcome to attend the conference. For the sake of convenience, you'd better pay the registration fee in advance.

Question: How to search the conference papers in Ei?

Step One: Access to the Ei website
If you are a registered user of Engineering Village (Ei), please log in with your username and password.
Or, if your college library has purchased the Ei database, then you could access the Ei searchpage via the database link of your library website directly.

Step Two: On the search page, fill the "SEARCH FOR" blank with the title of your paper (as in the proceedings), choose "Title" under the "SEARCH IN", and click the yellow button "Search".

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